Gaming Laptop Under $1000

Time for a new laptop. I would like to be able to game on it. Any suggestions for under a $1000?


I am also in the market for one. As soon as I was ready to buy pretty sweet one for $500 it was out of stock. Now I can’t find anything even remotely good for $700 or less.

I have a HP dv7t Quad Edition. I LOVE it. My last laptop was a HP gaming laptop from 2007 and the thing was a piece of shit. Not only is the current line of laptops not a piece shit, they’re actually pretty good! Look here. There’s the dv6 and the dv7 line; if you decide to get a processor with a smaller number of cores at higher speeds, look at the dv6 line. Me, I needed a lot of cores and a lot of RAM, so I ended up with a dv7. The metal finish is a pretty neat “feature” - the hottest my laptop gets to the touch is the equivalent to a tepid cup of tea. It also has ‘switchable graphics’, meaning I can turn on integrated graphics when I’m using it on battery or not gaming, and switch to the Raedon card when I am.*

Lenovo’s IdeaPad line is geared towards entertainment, and they have a very good reputation. I don’t know if you can build a laptop from them that is suitable for gaming but it’s worth looking in to.

*It’s been awhile since I’ve upgraded, so that may be standard on most laptops now?