Gaming mice that don't suck?

Sorry for posting this in the gaming section, but I’m at the end of my wits. I think I’m now on my 8th mouse in 4 years, mostly Logitech G105 and G106, and Razer Deathadder. So mice that cost ~30€ a pop. And ALL of them failed within 6 months from either scrollwheel reversing direction or the LMB failing and starting to register double clicks. I honestly don’t know if it’s because of the region I live in and we get subpar components, or if these things simply have atrocious build quality, but enough is enough!

I’d happily spend more money on a mouse, but from what I’ve read even higher end models are prone to the same issues, and I simply cbfa returning these products so often. Is there an equivalent to mechanical keyboards that I could buy? F**k the features, I just want reliability.

I had the same thing happen with two Razer Deathadders. I never go for Logitech mice since they are designed for people with much bigger hands than mine.

Luckily Microsoft then re-introduced the Intellimouse. I bought the classic Intellimouse, and it’s been great. The click of the buttons is really loud though, so that took some getting used to, but it works great, never registers two clicks. It’s been great the last few years.

Microsoft have lots of other options for mice too, I’m sure there’s options there that don’t click as loud as the Intellimouse.

Put me firmly in the Intellimouse camp. Love it.

I’ve been using a Corsair gaming mouse for the past 6-7 years and I still love it. Been holding up great

If you like the Deathadder and don’t mind paying a premium, then maybe try the new v3 but get it from a local store or Amazon in case of any issues.

But aside from the large price, it does use their latest optical switches for the main mouse buttons. So in theory those should never double click.

Another MS Intellimouse for me. I used one for over a decade and it finally started giving me issues. I bought another one about a year ago and it’s been great.

I really like the Sharkoon Shark Force II.
It’s cheap, fits my hand perfectly and I like the general setup and handling.

The one annoyance is that it has only preinstalled DPI settings you have to switch through with a separate button (Which means every time I start my PC I have to press it twice to get to the high setting).

Same, totally love mine. Woild buy again.

Intellimouse ain’t got enough buttons for me!

I am in a never ending quest to find a mouse I love. I have a Steelseries mouse downstairs on my desktop and I’m quite happy with it (though they don’t make it any more so when it breaks I’m in trouble). On my laptop I’m using a G502 mouse right now and am pretty satisfied with it. Yeah, I know you ruled them out but Logitech makes a wide variety of mouses so I would be shocked if you couldn’t find one that’s a bit smaller that you liked. The biggest hurdle is that their GHub programming software sucks donkey balls.

EVGA has some deep discounts going on their gaming mice on their website. I have no idea how good they are.

Not sure if you can find one, as I believe they are discontinued, but I’ve been using a Logitech G602 since 2017. Zero issues. It cost $40 back then.

I’ve had this problem on Logitech mice as well, every one of them. MS mouse are actually pretty good, I’ll probably go back to that. I really liked my LT gaming mouse, but it went south in under a year.

The old Intellimouse was great! The new one is just awful - work got me one, and the plastic on the sides is peeling and fraying. It seems much worse build quality in a number of ways.

At home I use a Zowie EC1 and I’m pretty happy. I got it as a replacement for my dying (original) Intellimouse, and was very happy.

I’ve been using my Logitech G502 for forever. Yes it’s corded. I like that.

G502 for me too, used to buy cheaper stuff, got tired of them breaking, went for a more expensive one to try my luck, has been holding up…

The Logitech G502 or whatever that’s wireless have been great. I have three of them at different computers. They’re $150 each but I’ve managed to get all but one on discount.

I’ve given up on buying cheap mice. Too many components these days have been fine-tuned for cheap BoM without increasing standard warranty claims.

I’ve had my new intellimouse pro for a few years now and have had no issues. Dunno what to tell you.

I switched from my wired G502 to wireless version because the wire finally crimped (after a lot of usage). Wireless seems to work fine for the games I play (do not play a lot of FPS types).

I had bought a Razer Basilisk Ultimate (which is basically a clone of the G502). The thumb button broke and they would not replace it. I will not buy another razor product again.

I see this a lot.

My deathadder is like 5 years old, no problems.