Gaming mice that don't suck?

I have been using a Logitech G300S for about six years and have been quite satisfied with its performance.

If I could post a longer YouTube on what the real issue is:

Granted, this is a bit of a dive into electronics and it’s long as well. But the double-click issue is not limited to one particular manufacturer. It does happen more for certain manufacturers though and also with how you might or might not use the mouse. So the too long didn’t watch summary is that it is 100% about the hardware those manufacturers are using for the switches and mouse design so if you have an issue with one company, don’t expect buying a different mouse from them to solve the issue. But if you find a manufacturer that does work for you, stick with them. He also covers how to replace switches and whatnot but it is for those who dabble in electronics repair, etc.

I should also mention one of the companies this affects a lot is Logitech. They recently introduced new switches for their mice so I’m -hoping- this addresses part of the issue. I do not have one of those models though so … who knows. I still love using their mice for many other reasons and for the most part I run into the problem more on my day-to-day MX Anywhere versus my Logitech gaming mice which I don’t use nearly as much.

Or you can get one of these (or possibly mod a mouse of your choice):

Hot swap switch sockets means if you get double clicks that can’t be fixed with debounce settings you just pop in a new switch.

Honestly it should be more common. There are people who solder hotswap sockets in mice themselves, but if companies wished to do so it would be doable.

That’s pretty funny as it’s one of the things that guy said would be a fix in that video. “If only companies designed a switch socket, that way you could replace them without electronics know-how.”

I went through 2 or 3 Razer Nagas, all of which ended up with the double-clicking problem within a year. The Corsair MMO mouse I bought had horrible software and ended up with the double-clicking problem.

I’ve bought several cheap MMO mice from UtechSmart off of amazon (Venus Pro wired and wireless) starting in 2020 and have had no issues.

Although the idea of a socketed switch works fine for mech keyboards, I don’t think it’ll work out as well for a mouse button. All the pounding on the switch will move it up/down slightly enough in the socket that you can just FEEL the change in the depth needed to click the mouse button.

Historically I shill for Cooler Master mice. My current main is the MM720, the reincarnation of the Spawn with more hex holes and LEDs. It works fantastic, except its mouse wheel…slips…not very often, but enough to be noticeable.

I’m also in the never-buy-Razer camp.

Is it the newer edition with the optical switches? I ended up with the double click problem with mine unfortunately. I’m tempted to maybe try the newer one when the the viper gives out, but I also like how lightweight and small the vipers are.

I also have a corsair M65 pro stashed away, but I never really liked the feel of it.

Another vote for Corsair. In fact, to the initial complaint from @Bateau I had a Logitech one for awhile years ago and eventually they would all fail or have buttons that stopped working, I had gotten 3 of them (two for me and one for my wife) and all three had problems.

Back in late 2017 I picked up this one:

And I’m still using it and it’s awesome. I see there is a new model but this unit is still sold and for only thirty bucks. I can’t recommend it enough. It looks uncomfortable, I will grant you and it’s why I resisted getting it for such a long time (it was @Knightsaber that convinced me, ultimately) but I’m glad I did. Easy recomendation.

I love the Logitech MMO mouse and can’t give up the buttons on the side these days but mine also started having issues with the LMB (to be fair, it lasted for a few years).

I ended up replacing it with a Corsair Scimitar which I’m really happy with so far, which has probably been a year or so at this point.

One of the main plusses for me over the Logitech is that the button panel can slide forwards or backwards. I have very long fingers so the bottom row on the Logitech was always so awkward to reach, but with this I was able to slide it forward where I could comfortably reach all the buttons with my thumb.

I have an old Logitech G500, that has been going strong forever. Because of this thread I’m now scared to touch it. Or at least use the left-click.

I watched that entire video, and it was fascinating. Thanks for posting it. This is a topic I haven’t really looked into in years, so it was fun to see someone really dig into it, and answer many of the questions I’ve had all this time.

After my Logitech MX300 lasted 15 years (at only $15 with a 50% rebate, that was $1/year!) I went through about 4 Logitech GPros in 3 years before giving up on Logitech. Their build quality nowadays sucks.

I switched to a Razer Viper Ultimate several years ago, and it’s been rock solid. I even got a second one to travel with and use on my other PC. They recently changed it to be lighter, which may have compromised the durability, but I had absolutely no complaints about the previous model. I doubt I’ll get another 15 years out of it, but I’ll easily get 5.

The craziest part of that video is I had no idea who the guy was and for sure did NOT know he’s a band guitarist that likes to tinker with all things electronic related to music.

And though I’ve had basic and advanced electronics, I rarely if ever get to look or think about that stuff anymore nor the digital use of it in computers and peripherals. It was a very cool deep dive into everything about those mouse issues.

Have they improved the software? The one I used had no pre-set values for the keys on the mouse and each key had to be individually programmed. Very clunky.

I don’t recall having to set each key manually but it has been a while. So either they improved things or my memory is suspect, either of which is likely. :)

Only Basic Electricity (that was the actual name of the class) in high school here. During that class, I thought it would be a breeze since I’d been messing around with electricity most of my life up until that point (I’d even built two full-size pinball machines with parts I invented myself).

Turns out I was wrong. There is nothing ‘basic’ about electricity.
However, what little I remembered from that class did help me understand the basics of what he was talking about.

Same with these mice. The problem is more complicated than I had suspected.

I hear you. The free scroll functionality is pretty awesome.

In the same vein, I find it difficult to live without a scroll wheel that tilts left or right. I end up mapping the tilt functions to health or Mana potions whenever I’m playing RPG‘s and it would feel weird to not have that functionality right there.

Especially the newer version of it, I think they are calling it MagSpeed, whatever the hell that is. My MX Anywhere 3 has it. It is silent, does row by row scroll if you use precise movements but disengages automatically for super fast scrolling if you spin it. No clue how they pulled that off but I love it and hate that my older gaming mouse does not have it.

EDIT: This …

FWIW, I had a Corsair gaming mouse lose its LMB to the double-click issue, so it’s a brand-agnostic problem.

I have a trio of Logitech MX Master 3s around the house: One for my work PC, and two that I own myself. It’s not a gaming mouse, but it’s plenty responsive for my gaming.

I’m using one of the original MX Masters. It’s been my daily use mouse for my work from home/game from home machine for the last 3 or 4 years, and is still going strong. Fingers crossed!