Gaming mice that don't suck?

I’m using one of the original MX Masters. It’s been my daily use mouse for my work from home/game from home machine for the last 3 or 4 years, and is still going strong. Fingers crossed!

My mouse just started double-clicking and I had to order a new one. Three of my last four mice have died due to double-click issues after only a few years. The other one had the scroll wheel die in the same time range. It seems to be ubiquitous across all makes and models.

The replacement I ordered this time is a Logitech MMO mouse that was on a good Black Friday deal. I haven’t tried Logitech mice before and if I’d seen the posts above before I ordered it I might have gotten something else. Maybe this one will be an outlier.

I had such high hopes for my Corsair mouse as it was well built and felt really solid. It died faster than all the others, though. I feel like the first company that makes a modular mouse with snap-in replacement scroll wheels and left/right mouse button assemblies will make a fortune. I guess planned obsolescence for mice is part of the corporate plan, though.

Any mouse with regular mechanical switches can eventually double click. There are a few ways around that, but these days the most common one would be to buy a mouse with optical switches.

I ended up getting a Corsair a while back, and I love it. May be my favorite mouse ever. Really well constructed, great software, looks and feels great, and was silly cheap (35 bucks I think). When this one breaks, I will surely buy another one.

Same. Which one are you using? I’m running this one:

Which I just saw is 38% off right now. Hmmm, might be time to pick up a spare.

Not sure the model…but it’s the one with the sniper button on the left hand side.

There is a lot of razer hate, but my death adder is like 5 years old goin strong.

I’ve had my issues with Razer, both with the grip glue on my deathadders coming loose and the grips sliding, and my Naga trinity getting a double click issue with the left mouse button. I love my Razer viper ultimate though, enough that I have a wired viper to plug in if I forget to charge the ultimate, and as a backup though I doubt I will run into problems with those optical switches.

I have a Corsair (m65?) with the sniper button. I should pull that out again and try it some time. It is so beefy compared to the viper even with the weights removed, and I never really used the sniper button when I was using it.

Do you just get used to the double click issue and live with it? I thought of doing that too, for a while, since it was a brand new mouse. It kept happening on and off, and I would just try to get used to it every time it started happening again.

I think the responses identifying the mechanical switches as failure points are pretty on the money.

These are mass produced consumer grade products, so you’ll see some minor quality variations within a given line, but generally speaking, any mouse north of 30 or 40 bucks from one of the major brands is gonna be pretty well-made, but made with switches the are gonna die eventually. Pick the product that fits your hands and has the gee whiz features you enjoy, and expect it to eventually start double clicking on you within 1-5 years. Maybe opt for a brand with a reputation for no questions asked warranty replacements, if you’re very worried and don’t mind contributing to toxic tech waste a little more.

The new gen optical switch models might avoid the fate, but I figure something else will eventually go on those, too.

If you are adventurous and can solder, you can usually replace those switches. People do it all the time and switches are dirt cheap.

I’ve never bothered, but it doesn’t sound like a huge amount of work either.

Yeah, I’m sticking with the Death Adder for life! I did have the double click issue a few years ago, but apart from that I still love its shape. Tried out various other mice, but I guess after more than a decade using the Death Adder nothing really measured up, so I’ll just be sticking with it and have even bought some spares in case I ever get the double click error again.

Strangely in all that time I’ve never had any issue with the rubber or glue on that some people have had problems with.

No chance I could. Double clicking on a folder and it taking you two levels deeper was unbearable, let alone in games!

The only mouse I’ve had that did this was a Razer Krait and it drove me mad. Somebody online recommended putting a drop of WD40 in the switch and I figured, if the problem continues I’m going to replace the mouse anyway so I may as well try it, and, hey presto, it worked for a good while. Right in here:


The problem came back eventually and putting another drop in fixed it again so it wasn’t a long term fix, but the fact that it worked surprised me nearly as much as the time I put my LG G3 smartphone in the oven to unbrick it.

I don’t know what this issue is, because I do not have it.

I’ve been reasonably happy with the Logi 502. On my third one now and just picked up another one as backup since they were on sale over the Black Friday weekend. Killed the scroll wheel in the first two, but no other issues as far as buttons go. I don’t play high level CS:Go or anything like that, so no idea if the 502 is suited for such things, but as a general gaming mouse I’m happy with it.

I am using a Logitech 502 Wireless (I have a 502 wired stored somewhere as a backup). I like it a lot.

The Logitech G600 MMO is the mouse I ordered to replace the double clicking one. I’ve always wanted to try it since it has the ring finger third button used as the shift key. I was happy to get it on such a good sale.

wow, i’m also a 502 user(wired), and i’ve had it for years, no problems. Like it, would buy again.

I used to buy some really fancy mice, with counterweights and such(mad katz rat), and it was good…but i found all the nooks and cranies collected too much dust and grit, so i went back to logitech and have pretty much stayed here.

I’ve wondered if it is because of being here in Phoenix, with it being just bit warmer than it would be somewhere else. I wouldn’t think it would be enough to make a difference, but I don’t know why it happens. I’ve had it happen a couple of times with my DeathAdders. I guess it is enough of an issue that they sell replacement grip strips, or maybe folks wear them out or something. It hasn’t happened yet with my Vipers, but I’ve only had the vipers for about 21 months. Maybe it will be an issue for them later on.

I’ve never had the double click issue with my DeathAdders, just the Naga trinity I had.

Conversely the only mouse I have ever had the clicker die on me was a logitech mouse.