Gaming mice

I’ve been using a Razer Deathadder Chroma for the past couple of years, but ran into an issue where the glue that holds the rubber piece on the thumb rest was getting hot or something and oozing out around the piece, along with the piece moving.

So I’m curious what mice people are using or recommend these days. To tide me over for the time being I picked up a corsair M65 Pro FPS mouse. It has the ability to adjust dpi on the fly with some buttons right below the mouse wheel, and has a sniper button on the thumb rest side that you can hold to drop dpi down really low for precision while it is pressed. It also has a weight system, so you can adjust the weight of the mouse. I’ll give it some time to see if I’ll just keep using this, but wonder what other people are using these days.

It’s definitely not geared towards gamers but I can’t use anything but the Logitech M570 track ball. Became a convert years ago because of my wife and love them.

I’m using the older M60 (for like 5 or 6 years now), and I still love it to death. It’s never failed me.

After going through a few “gaming mice” recently which all turned out to be made out of matchsticks, I’ve gone back to the classic Microsoft Mouse and it’s great. Plus, cheap.

Don’t ever buy Razer again. All their shit does that. They use crappy glue and refuse to do anything about it.

I just switched mice my own self. Got a Razer Basilisk. It’s super comfy and it has a sniper clutch, they call it, that lowers the input when you’re using a sniper rifle, and I use it ALL THE TIME now. It’s a fantastic mouse.

Hah, well crap.

I sure wouldn’t buy anything with thin rubber pads on it. Like the Orbweaver I had for less than a year…

I’m also down on Razer. I had a bad experience with one of their mice. Double clicks happening when I single clicked. Downloaded new firmware for the mouse (really) which solved it for a while, only to have it resurface some time later. I think I used it for a total of 1.5 years, which makes it by far my shortest lived mouse.

Also their drivers are obnoxious.

I have a Logitech G502 now which I like a lot.

Still using a Logitech G400 that was a warranty replacement for a MX518 back in 2009. Man has it almost been 10 years on this thing?

I have had Razer products across the entire spectrum and never had a problem like that.

This, on the other hand, I’ve had with multiple mice from manufacturers including Razer and Logitech. With Razer it seemed like the mouse was wearing out physically, with Logitech their software reportedly is causing the issue on Windows 10 and hasn’t been fixed.

I’m back to a Deathadder at the moment and liking it. It’s also what PC Gamer recommends, I believe.

It can also be a microswitch issue, which is what’s happened to the last… er… actually every mouse I’ve ever owned (microswitch issue, either not registering clicks, or double clicking instead of a single). You can replace the microswitch, I did it once years ago but these days it’s too much hassle. That’s why I’m going cheap.

I think that was the issue on my Razer mouse, yeah. It was a few years old. The Logitech hit that issue very early so I am thinking software.

I picked up a Logitech G502 after my second SteelSeries Sensei developed double click issues in three years, and it’s okay. It’s hideous and garish and stupid looking, but it clicks shit real good

Agreed 100% with that sentiment. Can’t wait until hardware manufacturers can somehow separate the concepts of gamer and edgy. Or gamer and stupid looking. Or gamer and 12 year old cool.

I’m using the M65 too (not sure if Pro is a different variant or not) and I really like it. The low profile is great.

Just ordered a Logitech G903 since I needed an upgrade. I have no idea how well it performs yet, though.

I’ve been using a Logitech G900 for about a year with no problems. Once you go wireless, it’s hard to go back. I have to plug it in once or twice a week to recharge though, so the wireless charging feature of the G903 would be handy.

Yeah I picked up the wireless charging mat with it. Not cheap. But not having to worry about charging is a major success in my book, and my older mousepad is not up to a more precise task anyway.

I use wireless mice for everything else, there was no way I was going back to wired just for higher dpi options and some added gaming features.

For what it’s worth I’m also updating my headset. I needed an equipment refresh, pretty badly.