Gaming mice

If Razer made a left-handed version of the Hex, I’d be all over it. I still use my left-handed Naga occasionally, and while I love the side buttons, there are so many that it can be hard to intuitively know if I’m selecting the right one. Great for MMOs, not so much for fast-action games.

How many left-handed folks use their right hand for the mouse like me? I can’t remember if at some point I used my left hand or not. I’m not sure how I’d like it.

Actually I can use a mouse with either hand, and switch sometimes at work to help prevent RSI. I prefer the left hand though, and game only with the left hand.

No love for SteelSeries?

I’m using an OG Rival mouse, and I am pregrieving it’s eventual demise because they don’t make it anymore. Great handfeel, button response/placement and glide.

I love my SteelSeries headphones. Didn’t know they made mice.

Their RGB can also be turned off.

I’ve seen good reviews of their mice. I wonder if they run into the same issues with the rubber pads. They actually sell packs of them on their website.

Yeah, the G502 looks way too gamer-y. Very comfortable mouse, though.

Yea I’m a lefty who uses the mouse with my right hand. I also golf righty as well. The other way just seems weird to me

After having 2 Sensei Raws develop double-clicks within the span of about 3 years, I gave up on them and moved to Logitech.

Even the Logitech is way fucking uglier. I loved how relatively mundane the Raw was.

So glad to hear this. I just went against my buddies recommendation and ordered the Arctis 7. He wanted me to go sennheiser, but I cannot go back to a wired headset. I have yet to use Steelseries at all.

My Razer Orochi V2 arrived today, I wanted something small and light that I could travel with. I have small hands so it fits well but now I don’t want to use my trusty ancient old battle horse the G700.

I didn’t realize how much I would prefer a lighter mouse, but trying to go back immediately made me think of this old comic.