Gaming on (yeah, go ahead and laugh!) a Macbook

Not the one with the X1600. Yeah, the one with the Intel 950 integrated graphics. Anyone ever try it? Boot Camp only to Windows XP or native? Or are flash games about as good as it can get?

I’d keep away from most 3d games… but you could get away with Battlefront’s Combat Mission series I’m sure. Their forums probably have some comments and questions from mac players.

Other strategy games would work fine too I’m sure.

Sadly, not under OS X. We’ll just have to wait for Combat Mission Shock Force.

(OS X no longer natively supports the RAVE 3D graphics API, so no luck with Rosetta either.)

Ask Rimbo; he seemed to like it.

OTOH, i don’t think he’s played a game on a real computer in a decade :).

Stick to the old, the slow, and the modest. Be happy if it runs and is playable.

Heh, I bought the Starcraft Battle Chest today for $19.99, will see how that runs, might pick up the diablo Battle Chest if I can find it for less than $40. PC and Mac in one box, good deal! Wish the fallout collection I bought a while back did that, might have to try Fallout 1/2 under parallels =)

Avoid Warcraft 3 though, if you were thinking of it; it chugs horribly on my iBook as soon as the action heats up even lightly, and the GPU in the MacBooks isn’t that much better.

Both Fallout games were updated by MacPlay to run under OS X:

I found a brand new, boxed copy of Fallout 2 on eBay. I think the Apple Store sold out pretty fast.

Both Fallout games were updated by MacPlay to run under OS X:

I have the PC version of Fallout, I assume I’d need to track down a Mac version of the game somewhere if I were to even begin to attempt to play it in OSX?

Yeah. That’s true: you need the Mac version. Be warned - even games that are for sale in the Apple store may only run in Rosetta on your Macbook and they will run like shit at that. Considering the video chip in the vanilla Macbook, I would be very careful about picking up any non-Universal-Binary games. When I browsed through an Apple store last week, most of the games on the shelf were pre-Intel games.

The Spiderweb Software RPGs work pretty well on a MacBook; Dominions 3, the demo at least, also seemed to run ok.

So basically, if and when I pick up my Macbook Pro, it’ll be a WoW machine. :)

Dominions 3 added a Universal Binary in the last patch and it runs great. I’m using an iMac, but I can’t imagine the game would stretch a Macbook too much.

If you’re into strategy, both Europa Universalis II and Crusader Kings can be had as a download for about $20, and both run perfectly. (EUIII is being ported, but with that new graphics engine, there’s no telling how it will run.)

There’s also Civ IV and Heroes V, and Empire At War but they’ve got fancy 3D components. They run fine on my system, but I don’t know about a Macbook.

I have a Macbook Pro that I dual boot with XP so that I can play games on it. The performance is pretty good in XP (256 meg ATI card). That said, as soon as I receive my Mac version of Adobe CS3, I’m removing the XP partition (I only have a PC version of CS2 now). I’ve not played many Mac native games, though I have read a lot about performance problems with those running in Rosetta.

Oh man you have GOT to be kidding me, I installed StarCraft tonight and it wants the goddamn CD inserted at the beginning and its constantly rotating it. Its reasons like that I hate PC/Mac gaming. I havent pirated jack since 1986 and now I’m gonna have to go look for a freaking NOCD key for a legit $20 game? Ridiculous.

Thanks for the heads up, will try to grab fallout 1/2. Do they have stupid ass CD checks too?

I’m not sure if it works with Starcraft, but with Diablo I was able to rip a CD image with Disk Utility, and I just have to mount the image before playing.

I saw on another forum where a poster got that to work, but I’m still too new with the Macbook to know how to do that, do I need to buy Roxio or something to make an .iso file or is that built in? PM is fine if we shouldnt be discussing anti-piracy stuff here, it just burns me that legit customers are treated like crap and the pirates find a way around it =(

Ahhh, about time I saw this thread.

  1. Boot Camp, XP SP2, and a WGA crack.
  2. I ran the FEAR demo, and it played and looked wonderfully on my Core Duo 1 MacBook with the Intel 9shitty.
  3. Far Cry was a bit choppy, but much more fun.
  4. I actually was able to play DOOM 3 on my iBook G4, but that thing had ATI graphics. It was about 3x faster on the MacBook. And that’s in OSX; Windows will be faster.
  5. Painkiller took one look at my graphics HW and told me to fuck off. It refuses to load without ATI or Nvidia on board.
  6. After I killed my XP partition, I haven’t been able to re-create it. No big deal.

As for OSX, there are a great many fine casual games for it, but outside of WoW … this thing is not made for games. Not with Intel graphics or the standard OSX crap library.

All of the above sentences are true, although it’s been closer to six years (my Athlon was a “real computer” about the time that Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was released).

I actually downloaded WoW (what the hell is up with FIVE seperate patches that have to be installed sequentially and cant all be installed at once) and it ran pretty well, tho of course this was in the noobie yards and I have no idea how to play that game (I betad wow and hated it and went back 100% to EQ1).

Was pretty shocked at how well it looked but of course the fans kicked into overdrive shortly into the run. Will uninstall it after the free 14 days are up tho.

On this forum, people are not afraid to admit they have a Mac. On many other gaming sites, they are.