Gaming Podcast Discussion


Did they actually talk about games in the first half hour?


I don’t recall when they did, but they started complaining about some Animal Crossing type of game. I was on the treadmill, so it stayed on until I was finished.


GB has sadly gone downhill in the years since Ryan passed away. It was such a tight, fantastic crew with incredible synergy, but one by one my favorites keep leaving, and the quality of all the podcasts with them is diluted with personalities I just can’t stand. Almost every time (every time?) they hire someone new I just don’t really like them, despite trying to give them a chance. And they’ll spend 20 minutes talking about repairing old arcades or something, and then mention in passing something I am interested in with a “check out the quick look for more on that” and it’s very aggravating. I haven’t been as into gaming podcasts in the past years, I’m more into comedy podcasts now instead.


My gaming podcasts are down to Idle Thumbs, DLC, and the QT3 gamecast. Idle thumbs is only monthly now, but I really enjoy it. Their spin-off general topic podcast is now weekly and great as well. DLC let’s me remember some of the 1Up Yours awesomeness of years back. QT3 has some guy named Tom.


Man that’s the truth. Not only did Ryan’s death really take the wind out of their sails, but he was really the engine of that podcast - he kept them cranking, not getting bogged down in tedious crap like wrestling or something. I loved listening to them before Ryan died, and just gave up a while after. These days I don’t even listen to podcasts anymore, there’s just no time.


I still enjoy the Bombcast, Brad is on a similar wavelength as myself with games and Jeff’s bitter old man hard truths about press and the industry are good. I miss Drew though, his detours into weird sims and niche games were great. Others I listen too are QT3, Polygon’s Quality Control, Idle Thumbs, 3MA, Designer Notes, Cane and Rinse


I also like the Bombcast still, but I have a high tolerance for non-gaming, or retro gaming, discussion in my gaming podcasts. If you want something closer to the Ryan days, you might want to check out the Beastcast, which is much more gaming focused. But only if you can handle Ryckert.


Any idea why JJ Epperson left 8-4? I always thought 8-4 had a lot of localization work, so I don’t see why somebody would leave. Seems like he has no replacement job.

EDIT: Oh, explained on the 1/26 episode that he’s spending more time with his family. Sorry; Twitter is a bad way to get informed.


Interesting interview with David Brevik about his work for Blizzard, Gazillion, and others.

Also, Shawn Elliott and Jeff Green do the GWJ podcast.


Ryckert update: “When was Caesar times? Was that the Renaissance?”
“Cleopatra and Medusa. One of those was real and one of those was a God of War person.”

Also, it took him and his dad a good 10 minutes of discussion to tentatively conclude that humans evolved spoken language before the Egyptian era. And this was, apparently, having been to the Met and looked at Egyptian artefacts that very day.


The Kansas education system failed him, including his ridiculous film degree.


That guy. I literally had to stop listening to podcasts when he was on them, he was making apoplectic.


If I had to look this word up, I hope it doesn’t make me closer to that Ryckert fellow.


I find it amusingly infuriating. Pretty much every episode there’s something that makes me stop in my tracks and go “How do you not know that?” Last (proper) episode, he hadn’t realised until that point that pirates were thieves.


Yeah, that’s the kind of shit that was just wearing on me. He’s an “affable idiot” that wears his ignorance on his sleeve and everyone loves him for it. Or some folks do. I just find his antics distracting when I’d rather they just talk about games, but then that’s another reason I stopped listening to GB and BC - they don’t really play the same games I do, and they rarely talk about the games they do play.

On a related note (and having said all that) I listened to this last week’s GB for the first time in probably 3 months and it was fun to dive back in, and they were actually talking about stuff I hadn’t played which was cool at least, though it was mostly World of Warcraft I still apprecaited actual game talk. Of course, Ryckert isn’t on that show, and I don’t know if I have it in me to listen to Beast Cast where he is on. Especially after hearing your comments today. :)

Hardly. It’s not what I would say is a common word, I just read it once in a book, looked it up, and loved the way it sounded. It’s just another way to say one is over come with anger or rage. “The hulk sure looks apoplectic today.”


In my own language, the word exists, and strangely enough, it means pretty much the reverse: it designates being in a vegetative coma or such!
It is always very cool to learn about false friends — although that is absolutely not related to the topic.


Since someone bumped this thread— I’m really missing Idle Thumbs and Important if True. I know they’re all transitioning to Valve but would love an update of when the podcasts will come back.


When they leave Valve, probably.


Jake recently posted on ResetEra confirming that they’ll be casting again soon!

Thumbs stuff will return eventually! I feel insanely overloaded still to be honest. Eg: We’re still working on Firewatch Switch along with everything else. (It’ll be at PAX along with a new Firewatch booth somehow??) But yes we want to keep doing podcasts and eventually we will.


I’m not seeing anything suggesting “soon” in that.