Gaming Podcast Discussion


The black mode has been quickly made available to everyone. The only 2 things the sub gets you now are the removal of ads (which are out of the picture already if you are using something like Weblock) and the online storage.
That storage is very useful to people like me who listen to old, old shows that aren’t mirrored online anymore. Before, I used to have to go through the Books app of Apple (since they removed the possibility of resuming audio file from the music app - that segmentation past iOS7 really sucked in my opinion). Getting the fake audiobooks to be recognized there was quite a bother, as was getting them on the device.
With Overcast, I just up them through a browser interface and they synch on the device. Huge convenience, but limited to 2GB of space at a time.


FWIW I use Downcast and find it to be great, been using it for several years.


I’ve just switched to CastBox for Android, which is a very new app and very pretty but has some odd interface kinks to work out (what’s a playlist exactly?).

Oh look, it’s available for IOS too.


Has there been another gaming podcast like Jumping the Shark? The combination of Bill, Brandon, Danielle and Todd was so good. With the added benefit of a guest like Tom Chick from time to time. Is there a podcast of that sort these days? With quite a few tastes and interests represented around the table, and yet, all of whom sound like very reasonable people who are interesting to listen to?

Currently the only gaming podcast I have heard in the past five years is the Qt3 Gaming podcast, which is it’s own special unique thing.


The Waypoint podcast might be in a similar ballpark? That, along with the Giant Bombcast/Beastcast is pretty much what I stick to now in terms of gaming podcasts.


My current gaming podcast are:

  1. Video Games Hot Dog (Frog Fractions 2 dev + West of Loathing devs) They very often have a different take on games than everyone else. More people should know about this!

  2. Crate and Crowbar

After those, probably Waypoint. Occasionally Beastcast.


Brandon is doing another podcast these days, Divided by Werewolves, but it is a very different thing. More focus on movies and tv, particularly horror ones. And since he no longer writes game reviews and articles, the number and type of games Brandon plays is far less.

Other than Qt3 I listen to 3MA and Designer Notes, @SorenJohnson’s podcast. But they are very distinct things, and in no way similar to what you’re going for


Thanks. I just listened to the latest episode, which discussed games of 2017 that just missed the cut from the top 10 of the year. They went around the table and discussed Prey, Nier: Automata, Stories Untold and Afghanistan '11. A very interesting discussion that covered both the shortcomings and the strengths of those games. That was great! Thanks for the heads up on this podcast.

Actually I should give 3MA another shot. Back when I used to listen to them, I used to play a lot of strategy games, and take active part in the discussions here about the genre. And I always felt that at the time, compared to the in-depth discussion at Qt3, 3MA podcast never really got very deep. It was always a very surface level discussion of the games compared to the depth we used to go into at Qt3 discussion on the boards. Even when Soren was on as a guest, what he talked about wasn’t as in-depth as what he wrote at Qt3 or his own website. So 3MA was very frustrating to me at the time for never going deep enough. But now that I’m on a 10 year moratorium from strategy games, 3MA should be perfect for me.


Not quite the same, but DLC might work for you. Only two hosts, but they have good guests and have different, complementary tastes and interests. Depends on your level of interest in VR. Danielle has several other podcasts too, which are worth checking out.


These are the ones I Iisten to.

Personally, I miss 1UP Yours from a long, long time ago.


First time that I listened to the Giant Bombcast and I can’t stand it. They talk over each other, drop F-Bombs constantly like they’re 15 years old… uggg. So glad there are things like the GWJ Conference Call, Qt3, and Three Moves Ahead.


Did they actually talk about games in the first half hour?


I don’t recall when they did, but they started complaining about some Animal Crossing type of game. I was on the treadmill, so it stayed on until I was finished.


GB has sadly gone downhill in the years since Ryan passed away. It was such a tight, fantastic crew with incredible synergy, but one by one my favorites keep leaving, and the quality of all the podcasts with them is diluted with personalities I just can’t stand. Almost every time (every time?) they hire someone new I just don’t really like them, despite trying to give them a chance. And they’ll spend 20 minutes talking about repairing old arcades or something, and then mention in passing something I am interested in with a “check out the quick look for more on that” and it’s very aggravating. I haven’t been as into gaming podcasts in the past years, I’m more into comedy podcasts now instead.


My gaming podcasts are down to Idle Thumbs, DLC, and the QT3 gamecast. Idle thumbs is only monthly now, but I really enjoy it. Their spin-off general topic podcast is now weekly and great as well. DLC let’s me remember some of the 1Up Yours awesomeness of years back. QT3 has some guy named Tom.


Man that’s the truth. Not only did Ryan’s death really take the wind out of their sails, but he was really the engine of that podcast - he kept them cranking, not getting bogged down in tedious crap like wrestling or something. I loved listening to them before Ryan died, and just gave up a while after. These days I don’t even listen to podcasts anymore, there’s just no time.


I still enjoy the Bombcast, Brad is on a similar wavelength as myself with games and Jeff’s bitter old man hard truths about press and the industry are good. I miss Drew though, his detours into weird sims and niche games were great. Others I listen too are QT3, Polygon’s Quality Control, Idle Thumbs, 3MA, Designer Notes, Cane and Rinse


I also like the Bombcast still, but I have a high tolerance for non-gaming, or retro gaming, discussion in my gaming podcasts. If you want something closer to the Ryan days, you might want to check out the Beastcast, which is much more gaming focused. But only if you can handle Ryckert.


Any idea why JJ Epperson left 8-4? I always thought 8-4 had a lot of localization work, so I don’t see why somebody would leave. Seems like he has no replacement job.

EDIT: Oh, explained on the 1/26 episode that he’s spending more time with his family. Sorry; Twitter is a bad way to get informed.


Interesting interview with David Brevik about his work for Blizzard, Gazillion, and others.

Also, Shawn Elliott and Jeff Green do the GWJ podcast.