Gaming Podcast Discussion

Another vote for Crate and Crowbar. it’s the only gaming podcast I listen to every week, everything else I sample.

Okay, caught up! It’s a bit sad how this thread tapers off at the end. Anyway, here are some the gaming podcasts I am still subscribed to that I didn’t see mentioned here. I think they’re all worth at least sampling.

  • Paradox’ The Business of Videogames - Shams and another Paradox exec talk about producing, licensing, joint ventures, how Paradox is doing, etc.
  • Explorminate - a 4x-focused podcast that tries to cover pretty much all of them.
  • The Important Thing - this is actually a management podcast but about 20% of the episodes are about Destiny. I like this show because it’s short and cuts a 20-minute show into about 15 chapters; very scannable. The management stuff is good, too.
  • The Long View - you have to triage this feed because they let other shows syndicate in there, but at its best it’s an interview with a guest about a board game they have played dozens or hundreds of times. Very courteous hosts with the capability for historical perspective.
  • Ludology - a game design and mechanics analysis podcast by Geoff Engelstein and friends.

Also, this is indeed an amazing segment of that episode, and the podcast overall. Thank you for mentioning this. Here’s a link to when the story starts:

Thanks for the list. I have not heard of some of these and will check them out.

I like the new host, Amanda, but her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I’m considering dropping GWJ from my podcast rotation as a result.

I like her too, but in her new role there is just too much of her.

Not technically a podcast, but GiantBomb did an Atari ST video recently. So much nostalgia for me.

Looks like Jeff Green is back in the podcasting biz.

Nice! Now if only we could get Robert Ashley back on the reg too. Which may be happening?

Jeff Green, I’ll give this one a try.

So Spotify has a podcast with this name that has 105 episodes. This a rebranding of that one?

And Kat Bailey is great also. Really enjoy her RPG podcasts, even though they are JRPG-centric.

Agree. Kat knows her shit when it comes to RPGs.

For those of you who miss A Life Well Wasted, one of Robert Ashley’s segments is on the latest 99% Invisible, which starts out about the demise of Geocities and various vestiges of the early internet, but goes on to talk about digital archivism.

I haven’t listened to a gaming podcast in a long time, other than Qt3.

But this sounded really interesting, I’ll probably try it out:

Ben Pack is leaving Giant Bomb. I really enjoyed his contributions so this is a bummer.

The Besties podcast has ended its Spotify exclusivity, and they aren’t backwards in coming forwards about their terrible listener numbers being the cause. I’ve always enjoyed their take on games, and they are comically desperate for listeners at the moment, so if you enjoyed them in the past maybe time to catch up again?

So, is Danny O’Dwyer a permanent member of the Giant Bombcast now? I may not have been paying attention when that was said, and I’ve been assuming he was just guesting, as he often does. But it’s been at least three episodes in a row now. If he is permanent, that’s great news.

Jake Rodkin is on the latest Retronauts discussing the Telltale Sam & Max games, for those who miss Idle Thumbs and/or just love the games.

I’ve been listening to @SorenJohnson’s Designer Notes podcast a lot of late. Really, REALLY enjoyed the extended interviews with some of the Inkle/texty games folks like Meg Jayanth (who wrote 80 Days) and Jon Ingold of Inkle. It’s really gotten me fascinated with wordy games that push at the limits of description and parser games that I’m familiar with.

If you’re a Brit or an Anglophile of a certain age, you should probably listen to the latest One Life Left episode. It’s all about the forthcoming Read Only Memory book about GamesMaster, and also features some nifty remixes of Bitmap Brothers theme music.

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