Gaming Podcasts. Love 'em? hate 'em? Stick 'em in a stew?

I know that some people hate the term but whatever you want to call it these podcasts can be a good way to help the work day go by while debugging code. There are two that I’ve recently discovered and I was wondering if anyone knew of any more? Sometimes even bad ones can be entertaining due to their low budget shenanigans.

  1. You gotta hear the intro to this, as he just updated the format with expensive intro songs and it’s pretty damn hillarious (not sure if it’s intentional hilarity though which … in turn… just makes it even more hilarious).

  2. has a CAGCast every week or so. Shorter then ol’ Steve’s but still interesting especially since they list good deals (unless you’re listening to older ones which are dead deals.)

My favorite gaming web cast is PCgamer.

The only gaming web radio thingie I’ve listened to recently was tom and brad’s, which wasn’t too bad. Nothing I’d go out of my way to listen to, but not bad. A couple of years ago I was friends with TC from dailydementia, so I listened to him also. He was quite good in a morning DJ wake up cause I’m banging cans and making animal noises kind of way.

The only webcast thingie that I go out of my way to listen to is car talk from NPR. And I don’t own a car, but I do play videogames. Weird, huh?

The PC Gamer is probably my favorite gaming podcast. Much better than their print mag in my opinion- their interviews are really well done.

Tom and Brad’s podcast is pretty good too.

Gamespot’s is decent. I don’t really care for Videogame News or whatever its called and dropped it after listening to a few episodes.

Hopefully, my new Podcast doesn’t suck. I’ve got three episodes up, and they’re mercifully short. Please excuse the crappy production values. Lemme know if you like it!

OpenAlpha is IPTV but its good.

All I know is that the one is LAAAME


I guess I’ll plug the Gamers With Jobs podcast since I am providing music. Probably of limited value to those who don’t frequent the GWJ forums, but it does occasionally touch on some interesting stuff.

I’ve got a list of some more here… (Ziff Davis/ guys in the format of the Screen Savers every Tuesday) (Major Nelson Xbox 360 podcast every Sunday) (GT Weekly with Amanda Mackay every weekend) (Gamespot’s On The Spot TV show every Thursday) (Gamespot’s podcast every Wednesday) (Yahoo Game’s Reset with Raymond Padilla)

Other game related “humor shows”:

REVIEWS of some of these game related webcasts:

This one is pretty funny. Some dude bitching about old ninendo games:

I listened to a live interview with the developers of Civlization 4 and the DJ (or whatever you call em) was such a goofball. It was painfully obvious that he wasn’t a gamer but he tried hard to be “hip” and failed miserably. Basically he didn’t know squat about Civilization but he had his notes and was spewing stuff off like “I played a bit of Civ 1 but I was more of a flight sim guy…blah blah blah”. :roll: He ended up realizing he was in over his head and just handed the interview off to a staff member who was a longtime Civ player.

Anyway, I haven’t listened to another gaming podcast since. Are there any with actual game players as DJ’s?

For World Of Warcraft fans :



World Of Warcast

Does anyone know what happened to TC? His old format would be perfect for a podcast.

Since I’m getting a Ipod soon, can anyone fill me in with just what these podcasts are all about? Is it a bunch of gaming writers recording their thoughts/interviews to an mp3 file that you can listen on your Ipod later? If so, which ones are the most knowledgeable, and does Tom Chick have his own? :D

Podcast is a complex word for something relatively simple. Think radio show. These are just radio shows that, when they get updated, you can automatically download the next episode onto your ipod, thanks to integrated iTunes support. Lots of NPR shows are podcasted as well as broadcasted.

Tom does have a podcast. Tom? URL?

And again, I’ll plug my own. I’ll be updating it later today. 10 minutes of deep game discussion.

From a technical perspective, a podcast is basically a mix of mp3 files and an rss feed. The mp3s provide the content. Your RSS reader - be it iTunes, PodNova, iPodder, or whatever - delivers the content. Most podcasts tend to publish weekly or even daily.

I don’t know if you can say Tom has a podcast. He shows up regularly on PowerUser ( along with Brad but I wouldn’t say the show is “his”. He plays the role of “game expert” for the show.