Gaming Rant Related Website

anyone interested in joining a gaming related website where we discuss current issues about the gaming world… like Microsoft’s XBox woes, the violence, pr0n in today’s games (BMX XXX) and various under the table shady deals in the gaming industry?

if so, drop by and let us know… we would be interested in having your help! if not, thanks for your time!

Not a half bad website.

Isn’t that what we are doing here?



I’d like to invite Superblog users to come and post on our boards. Should I post this on Superblog?

Mark, if you were L33t, you would start a forum attack. We would all go over there and scream how we are all such bad ass flamers and would flame them to cinders.

But we already do that to each other… here… oh my god… All the unharnessed flame energy here, along with all the negative flame energy thrown towards each-other… we could take over any forum we want! The power of qt3 shall know no ends! We will rule all forums who dare to come into our territory! We’ll rip them apart like a band of rabid carnies! Scr4|t, or something.

I noticed sparky signed up. TRADER!!!

I think this thread sums up why playing with kiddies gets boring (not safe for work)

God, that was gross.

heh, thats what I said :roll:

Please don’t. Why ruin the sanctity of these boards by attracting jackasses from the lowest common denominator (see trolls) here?
No wonder once the trolling starts here, nobody bothers to post. Have you lost your mind? I mean, its not like you ladies actually moderate and admininster the board. Instead, once the shit hits the fan, you folks (that would be you and Tom) start hiding being that whole abused free speech, media et al, nonsense.

In case you missed it, there is a damn good reason why some of us come here. And it ranks up there with Chet’s excerpt above. Why go do over there, what we already do here - by the same token - why post here (amidst an onslaught of nonsensical rubbish that invited trolls would bring), when we can do that elsewhere (see VE3D)?

I have to agree with Derek. I come here because the signal/noise ration is very high. I would hate to see that change.

– Xaroc

“We will rule all forums who dare to come into our territory! We’ll rip them apart like a band of rabid carnies! Scr4|t, or something.”

If you think the flaming here can get bad you havn’t been around to other boards that much. :D

I don’t visit message boards, actually. I’m more of a usenet hound. Not that usenet is any better, but what-the-hey.

I do have to say, though, that this website has the highest signal/noise ratio out of any place I’ve ever visited. It’s quite nice.

Wait - you spelled “traitor” wrong, because you’re kidding…that’s the new thing around here, right? It’s not me, I haven’t even looked at the link in discussion. There are a million "Sparky"s in this great big world, and though it would reduce the confusion by instituting a law that only the dear departed Charles Schultz, dalmatian dogs, and other people named “Sparks” can use the name, it is not within my power to do so.

That link needs and NC-17 rating slapped on it. Yuck! You have been warned.

Actually I spelled it wrong because I was giggling when I posted it, not paying attention and I am a moron. Probably mostly the third one. When I found the one thread, then saw your name, I could not think of any person more opposite from the content on that forum. I was shocked to see your name and it made me laugh. Argh.

Or Tom secretly edited the message in the backend to make me look like a fool. Yeah! That’s it!! Damn you Tom!