Gaming The 2020 Presidential Election

So Stardock’s 2020 version of The Political Machine came out today, and after watching thehistoricalgamer play it, I don’t see enough of a difference from the previous editions to justify a full price purchase.

Are there any recommended alternatives, preferably with more depth?

There is a game that is tailor made to your request:

It is fully featured and good. Ignore the 2016 in the URL, it has the 2020 election.

Looks perfect, thanks. My only concern is the size of the font for these tired old eyes. It would be nice if there was a demo.

[edit] I see the developer offers a $ back guarantee, so I may just give it a shot.

I played prior versions and they were pretty good.

Do you happen to remember if you were able to adjust the size of the font and interface? I wrote the developers but haven’t heard back.

I’m sorry, but I don’t recall. I usually don’t adjust the font or interface size. I don’t even know if I still have the game somewhere as it was 4 or 8 years ago.

OK, no problem.

They added in a scaling feature not that long ago. So yes, you can adjust the size and the font does get bigger when you expand I just tested it.

The dev is probably a very busy guy, I think it’s a one man type of operation and with the current election season people expect updates to come thick and fast!

Thanks. Just downloaded it.

Bought and downloaded. Looks good, but I’m seeing a huge learning curve and I’m totally at sea. The on-line “help & tutorial” isn’t much of either, and I can’t find a manual.

Do you know of any sources that could help me learn the game?

Oh yeah, there’s a learning curve. Probably should have mentioned that to you!

I notice there are some lets plays on youtube you could try by searching “President Infinity 2020”, you could also ask questions here and I will try to answer them (I am not a good player). If the video series is a couple of years old it shouldn’t make too much of a difference as the interface/concepts should be mostly the same.

I watched a couple of the videos before I made the purchase, but they weren’t particularly aimed at new players. I suppose I could search some more.

[edit] I did find a series of walkthrough videos that I hope gives me the foundation I need.

What is Trump’s integrity rating in this game?

Sir, that is classified.

  1. Probably a bit too high.

Yea, it is.

Have you gotten a chance to put more time in? It’s been a long time for me and my memory is foggy - I’m curious what you think of the game.

I played for a couple of days and decided it’s not for me. Too dry and too much like a spreadsheet. Waiting on a refund.

That’s a shame. Good that you can get your money back.

Did you ever make it to an election night? That is my favourite part of the game. The game simulates an election night much like the real ones, where votes come in batches and you’re monitoring multiple states at the same time based on when polls close. Sometimes returns come from certain areas first so the other candidate might take the lead only after 40% counted or whatever.

From what I remember of Political Machine they just go state by state and pulse the colour that won the state and then moves on.