Gaming with Children: G.D.I.F.

Title Gaming with Children: G.D.I.F.
Author J.P. Lucas
Posted in Game diaries
When January 20, 2012

Friday. Time to gulp down your beverage and stare into that empty glass with a long look on your face. Weekends suck. That's when my game time sinks to an all-time low. Fridays are like Mondays. Limited game time..

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Interesting articles but at a certain point I am reading this and saying to myself, "fuck this guy". He has a wife and family at home, something not all of us have the luxury of having, and they feel like this major impediment to your true love in life, gaming. I know this sounds like the sourgrapes of a lonely nerd and it is but its now been a couple years since I was in a serious relationship and I have very little contact with my family. I would love to have a wife and kids to spend time with. It gets a little disheartening to read about someone expending so much effort on minimizing time with them to maximize their time with video games.

Now maybe you are only emphasing half of the story for the purpose of the article. If that is the case it wouldn't hurt to spare a paragraph about the time you spend with your family, how it important it is to you, and maybe even if there is any gaming going on with the family.

Thanks for the articles and sorry if this comes off as too harsh, I really don't mean it to.

The grass is always greener. Having two kids myself I can tell you how stressful it is and it's not only the kids and wife but the mortgage, the school district/homework, inlaws, taxes and all the other bs that comes with it. Don't judge till you've walked in his footsteps is all I'm saying.

Yeah, what Ouch said. The grass always SEEMS greener on the otherside. People seem to always want what they don't have. And once they get it, they want something else.

And no, there is no need to write a paragraph about how much I enjoy them (because I do, wouldn't give it up for anything in the world), but these articles are focused on the gaming aspect.

Also, sorry for your personal problems, but you should reach out as best as you can. There are many different ways to meet people. I met my wife online and I've been in love ever since.

Shaha's reaction is partly why I like this series. I hope J.P. (well, "J.P.") won't mind me saying this, but part of what makes these articles fascinating is how unsympathetic he can be. That's a tough thing for a writer to do. He's not making any excuses and he's not sugar coating anything. Not many writers are this candid when they're writing public articles about personal subject matter.

I'm assuming Mr Lucas is affecting his somewhat fatalistic tone merely for style points and not because it's a cry for help, he's actually existentially unhappy, contemplating divorce, etc. Also... you should think about getting an iPad or smartphone. Handheld gaming really saved me during parenting duty--- being able to game with one hand, with a baby on your shoulder, is a godsend.

Yes, somehow my sarcastic humour isn't getting through in these articles, but I think Sunday's entry should make things clearer.

Also, just got an ipod touch, nice device.