Gaming with Children: League of Legends vs. puke

Title Gaming with Children: League of Legends vs. puke
Author J.P. Lucas
Posted in Game diaries
When January 17, 2012

Okay, so Monday's nothing but a memory they implanted in your head which leads us to Tuesday, the day we really get our game on. The morning walk is spent pissing and moaning to my buddy about last night's League of Legends debacle..

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Nice series!

LoL doesn't have the kindest group of players

This is good stuff. I want to hear more about this alligator and his cookie, though.

Well written and fun to read. This exact story has happened to me many times. I am sure it has happened to many other readers as well. Except for one detail. Nobody else plays 3v3. That map is for noobs.

I really enjoy hearing other parents stories of game vs. family. Looking forward to more.

Yup the LoL Crowd isn't very forgiving...not the friendliest of communities.

There ya go, May I please have a cookie.

I wish I had time for 5v5.

Sorry, my reply went to the top of the page. But it's a link to the book.

EU3 took me a long time to get into. I think I made three serious attempts spaced out between months of looking at it askance before it clicked.

I never looked back. Especially with all the expansions (seriously, get the version with everything. Oddly it's NOT the version labelled "Complete") that game is like nothing else out there. The things it models, the emergent narratives you can have. Man, I love it. Never was much of a strategy gamer before, now I have hundreds of hours in Hearts of Iron 3, Victoria 2, and who Knows how many times that in EU. Cannot wait till Crusader Kings 2.

Still wasn't as hard (or as ultimately satisfying) as the time I taught myself trigonometry and navigation in order to manually target my torpedoes and get through the North Sea at night in Silent Hunter 3. Man, that was awesome.

That's why I'll never have kids. i'd never have time to do stuff like that. Well, that and the puke.

Most people are only nice when they think people are watching them, otherwise they are horrible, horrible animals who will spew their hate all over you for the slightest provocation.
That being said, why don't you just tell them, "family emergency, brb"? What is the downside to that?

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the ‘n-word’ specifically. I’m caucasion, but my wife and kids are black. I would never want them subjected to this hostility.

sounds like someone needs to face facts he got cheated on