Gaming with parents?

I would like to read about anyone’s experiences with parents getting into games. Since no-one in my family likes games, I live vicariously through reading the threads on gaming with wives. Similarly, I would like to hear about gaming with parents. I don’t really need any advice about games to buy, so there isn’t really a point to this thread other than entertaining me and anyone else who is interested.

My mom and I played Centipede on my Atari 7800 back in the day. Everything since then has been too complex for her to just sit down and play for 15 minutes or so.

More recently, I’ve gotten my dad hooked on Locomotion. He doesn’t really play the game, though, he just ignores the objectives and builds his model railway.

Doom: I see you’re running around with a big stick…
Quake: Is that the stick again, lad? Looks shinier.
Daggerfall: Now that’s a real man’s stick, son.
LHX: Hey, a flying stick!
Nethack: That’s retarded.

So yeah, thanks. I had those memories repressed for years.

My dad got hooked on the original Castle Wolfenstein on an Apple IIe (?)–and he introduced me to the game. He eventually purchased an Atari 800 with Castle Wolfenstein, Blue Max, In Search of the Most Amazing Thing, among others. We spent hours trying to beat Blue Max, coming very close once, but at least we beat Castle Wolfenstein several times. He would stay up until early in the morning while we played these games. Those are some of my best childhood memories.

He doesn’t game much anymore. But when he visits, he’s always curious about the latest game I’m playing.

I showed my Pops Half-Life 2 a month or so ago. He liked. He liked so much, he’s gonna buy a PC and wants me to help him set it up, which I think is pretty cool. He’s retired, so like could there be a better time? I’m going to pass all my stuff along to him, which is totally bass-ackwards and awesome in a way.

My father-in-law, a WWII combat vet, loved Wolfenstein 3D. It seems shooting Nazis never gets old.

Combining the two threads here on the front page:
I got my wife playing WoW. She took to it pretty well, I had an alt I played with her. She then suggested maybe we should get it for her dad, since he’s retired and wasn’t doing too much. We did.

1 year later, they play together a lot. But he plays solo more than I do. He’s got this crazy binder filled with notes, it’s pretty great.

I’m not sure if every parent would take to WoW in that way, but it’s pretty cool that the three of us can just hop on and play together for awhile and chat on teamspeak.

The old one or the latest remake? I loved the killing the little Nazis in the old one because they always screamed out something… Got Himmel? Something. But it was addicting just to hear it over and over.

My Mum is a Civ II nut.

My dad plays EverCr…ehm, EverQuest 2 almost every day. I think he is level 23 or somewhat now. I wish he would stop :(.

It’s actually quite disappointing, an MMOG he would play, but every FPS he has played (from Doom up to HL2) he never wants to play multiplayer. We tried coop once but he kept getting shot by the guards (Splinter Cell 3), I wasn’t even asking for a 100%, just him not to die :(. Games definitely need more coop, since thats the best way to get your relatives to play games or multiplayer. Because if you are good at that game, you can do your best to protect them. In regular multiplayer or in single player, they’re on their own and they can get quickly frustrated (which turns them off). sigh



I don’t play with my mom. She plays UT 2004 online a lot and not only would she pwn me 12 ways to Tuesday, I’d have to hear about it the next day as well. So no, I don’t game with my Mom. Its just too humiliating

My Dad when he was alive loved playing computer games but he wasn’t very good at them. Especially online. He was into Ultimate Online for awhile and had a house in it. I think he would of really liked WOW though if he lived to see it.

Does she ever demand chocolate milk while she’s playing?

She might but since she lives alone, I doubt her dog is getting it for her.

My mom got done with gaming after the SNES. She was big into Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World (and Mario World 2).

i think if you game with your own parents you probably need to get some friends and a life because thats a sign that your pretty pathetic to be playing with your parents

Dermot: Unless your parents were complete dicks, you will feel different when you get older.

Growing up most of our games were my dad’s. He was heavily into Pac-Man, Tetris, basically any Nintendo franchise and adventure games, especially Myst. He still plays a lot of puzzle games, especially Tetris. I bought him the Collector’s Edition of Myst V for Christmas, but he never finished Myst 3, 4 or Uru. He just didn’t have the attention span for them anymore.

I’ve tried for a long time to get him into some genres such as RPGs and certain select shooters. Never really managed to get him into anything, but recently he’s expressed interest in trying some other genres. For some reason X-Men Legends caught his eye and he asked to borrow it from me once he was through Myst V. I honestly don’t expect him to ever follow-up on that, and I don’t think that’s a game he’d really like anyway, but maybe I can eventually steer him towards some new stuff that he really would like.

Years ago, my mom played Wordtris a lot. And once I tried to teach her to play Half-Life. She didn’t really get it.

What are you, fourteen?

If you look at his past posts, everything up until December has been reasonably intelligible, with the occasional capital letter and everything. I suspect that either the original dermot has been killed and someone else has taken over his account, he’s decided he wants to fill the “adolescent jackass” role for the forum, or sometime in November he suffered a massive brain hemorrhage.