Gaming wrist

My newfound love for City of Heroes which has seen me come perilously close to cat-assery at times(“yeah, I can play for six hours straight, I got nothing better to do tonight”) has had another side effect. A couple of days ago after a gaming session my right wrist felt sore and hurt. I’ve had occasional pains in my wrists before, but a wrist support and a regular switch of mousing hand has usually kept it at bay. This time however the pain lasted all day, and I still felt it the next day. Now, the day after this I travelled to my parents for the Midsummer holiday so I’ve pretty much had no computer time since then which is probably for the best.

I wonder though, how serious is this and should I consult a doctor?

CTS maybe?


If the pain is constant and enough to be more than annoying then yes, I’d probably go to a quack…

Yeah…you’ve probably strained it.

You might want to look into using an alternative type of mouse. I use the 3M Renaissance Mouse at work to ward of Repetitive Strain Injury.

Do not take it lightly. If you get RSI/OOS/whatever bad, it can be permanent. I find doing lots of stretches whenever it starts to twinge is good, as is swapping mouse hands.

Something like this fixed any wrist/mouse problems I had:

Basically you need something to rest your wrist on so your hand/arm is mostly level.

Oh, and most of the movement coming from your arm helps.

CoH is the worst game I have for this, but I can’t tell if it is the particular motion of the game or the time I end up playing it, which is longer than a FPS session would be.

Copper bracelet with some magnets in it… no shit.

I put one on and 3 weeks later, neither my elbow or wrist had any more pain.

Not sure if it was/is all in my head but I’m not taking this thing off.

> Less gaming was not a option…

Oh fucking bullshit, everybody knows the only thing magnets are good for is supporting our troops.

That would make sense if your wrist was made of metal.

I had a lot of soreness when I started a lot of heavy PC work in my former life. A lot of numpad usage and typing. I did not have the mousing problem, but a similair pad that ran the length of my keyboard helped more than I could have imagined.

Something about that slight bend your wrists take from being level with your forearm to the keyboard/mousing postion and then the lifting of the fingers making it more pronounced can cause some serious pain.

bah, all I know is that for 20 bucks my wrist and elbow don’t hurt anymore.

Like I said, it could all be in my head but in the end does it matter where it comes from if it helps?

call me a frigging loon, I can take it but other than a green wrist, it worked.

Use the other hand. Also extend your hand, like by sitting on it, if it gets clenched and painful. Soak in cold water.

Sometimes, occasionally, if i game for a whole weekend i get pre-symptoms of CTS, and those steps have corrected it every time. The trick is to stop using it NOW and let it heal up. It should go without saying that if your doing something that is causing you repetitive pain to simply stop doing it.

Absolutely not. That’s why, the next time you have a pain in any part of your body, you should send me the $20. In return, I’ll send you a specially encoded email that, when you open it and read it, will flash energy waves at the body part in question relieving it of all pain permanently - or until I spend the twenty bucks, whichever comes first.

I should tell you, however, that if the pain is in your cock it’s gonna cost more than $20. I charge more for the kinky stuff.

Stopping is the hard part. Sometimes the pain can be overriden while engaged in the repetitive activity, but then when you are done…oucheee! Wait, I may be talking about something else, but it still applies in both instances.

Sounds like madkevin is about to make more than $20.

Luckily, I live to serve. And make money. Just remember the motto of the newly-created Madkevin TechnoMagickal Centre For Happyological Healing, Inc.: Does It Matter Where It Comes From If It Helps?

Clenched and painful to the point where you have to sit on it? Yikes, I didn’t have it that bad. A new wrist support is on the agenda, but despite my best efforts I simply can’t play CoH when I’ve switched hands. there’s just too much camera movement.

That would make sense if your wrist was made of metal.[/quote]

First time I read that I thought you were quoting the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie.

As I was out looking for a new wrist support I noticed the steelpad gaming glove sitting on a shelf in my local game store. Offering extra wrist support for mousing, or so it claimed, I figured I might as well give it a shot.

Feels good so far, but I’ll see how I feel about it at the end of the week.