Gaming's Top 50 Journalists

In alphabetical order…

See if you made the list!


10/10, redefines the profession!

Edit: Did they really need to cram the Penny Arcade duo into a single mention?

Edit Edit: Sessler and Webb get separate entries…

I’m number 1, I’m number 1!

Take that, Tom Chick!

I asked that, especially since Sessler and Webb are separated. Kyle’s explanation is that the PA guys are joined at the hip in every endeavor; they are really a single entity.


Haha, Steve is one IGN dude and a guy I’ve never heard of away from Chris Buffa.

It’s like they generated much of that list by drawing names out of a hat. I mean, come on! Adam Sessler? Kudos to Steve, who totally deserves to be on there, but where the hell is Tom?

Tom didn’t make the list? What kind of stupid list is that then?

I didn’t know that Morgan Webb graduated from Berkley and minored in Italian. Sexy!

I was surprised to see a bunch of non-Tom freelancers make the list and then find no Tom at the bottom. Is he secretly less important than Kieron? Is this article full of it? The world may never know…

How can this list contain a stack of doofuses I’ve never heard of, and omit Tom?

credibility = 0.0;

Chris Buffa made the list too. . .

The list is heavy on editors, and every major outlet has an editor or two. That adds up until you run out of space.

I want more Wagner James Au. And less Buffa.


Two thoughts:

  1. Tom was disqualified for financial reasons, but I doubt it since he’s a freelancer.

  2. No one outside of this site has any clue who he is.

  3. Secret politics!

Actually, Tom’s not listed because of never-ending conflicts of interest.

So #1 on my list in post 12?

Other than a few names (4), pretty underwhelming

That list was crap. Let the flames begin!

I give this list a 6/10.

What, no Jonah Falcon? I guess they need a longer list.

G’night, folks!

You had me at Libe Goad…

At the risk of piling on as a kisser of Tom Chick’s ass, I don’t get it either, but then I am not as much in the game journalism loop as some of you fancy shmancy writer-type-people.

Evidently Tom, you need to start up a website and slap “editor” in back of your name and then you will get your props. Not that you require that sort of validation, but it is always nice to be nominated.

Hooray for random internet TOP XX List compilations.

EDIT: DAMN, someone beat me to a Jonah Falcon v. Tom chick wacky post. Curse you Enduro.