Gandalf vs. Aslan

Who would win?

Well, considering that AD&D geeks have placed Gandalf at roughly a 3rd level wizard, and that Aslan is God in leonine form, I’d hafta give the nod to the big cat.

I dunno. Which one has ninja minions, and which one has pirates? ARR!

Wait, are we talking about pre- or post-Balrog Gandalf?

Aragorn: "So, after that fall from Khazad-dum, where the hell were you?’

Gandalf: “Oh, I was camping the Balrog’s Lair, and levelling up.”

Put me down for the Christian cat.


Oh… I saw the subject and thought it said “Gandalf vs. Asian”

Safe money is on Scooter. Blue hair always wins.

A little off-topic, but I saw a new trailer for The Two Towers at Games Day recently. It was 2 1/2 minutes of massive, army-based combat, and it looked beautiful and intense.

Sadly, Liv Tyler appears in this movie, too, but it seems to be a small part. She gave a pretty flat performance in the first film.

Ignore Liv Tyler. She’s just there to be the trophy bride at the end of the series.

Actually, she’s there to hand Aragorn a flag.

Yeah, she plays no real role in the third book, whatsoever. It’s not like she does anything important.

Last time I saw Lord of the Rings, they had what must have been a ten-minute trailer for The Two Towers, and it was pretty frickin’ incredible. I’m more excited about that movie than I have been about any movie in quite awhile.