Garden State

Just saw this. For some reason I was thinking it was going to be a comedy, but there were no funny parts. Hate it when that happens. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. There was one thing that puzzled me and I was wondering if anyone else here saw it and wanted to help me out.

I’ll put it in spoiler quotes for those that don’t want to see:

->[color=white]What was the deal with mom’s necklace? I am just totally confused about how and why the gravedigger kid did that. Did he rob it from mom’s grave? If he did, why did he have to go to the quarry guy to get it back? The mom died like the week before, but the quarry dude was acting like he had to search all over to get the necklace. It’s totally bizarre plot point. He was robbing graves, right?[/color]<-

Even though the point above didn’t make sense to me, I still enjoyed the picture. I wonder why Netflix considers it comedy.

Any movie with Natalie Portman wearing a trashbag in the rain and screaming is A-okay in my book.

Bull, your understaning is correct – he ripped it off and pawned, but then felt guilty about it, so he tracked it down again.

I kinda liked the movie, but man - is it ever unsubtle about it’s “life messages”. Each character delivers a solemn statement, followed by much gazing and moments of quiet contemplation. It’s almost a carciature of independent film, focusing on what it means to be “human”. Gag.

But it manages to largely overcome that schmatziness

I had to chuckle when I read this. You’ve absolutely nailed it. I guess it manages to rise above the heavy handedness on the strength of its quirky lead characters and strong performances. I am not even sure who made it, but I assume they were new: the theft of the mom’s necklace was so subtle I thought I misunderstood, but then there was, as you said, all that significant gazing into the middle distance.

The Lead actor was the writer and director and the sound track is one of the best out there.

To use a quote from these forums (Was it Mayer who said this? Myers?):

Ranvarian… you do realize we’re all on the same internet right?

I thought, for a bit, that this was in fact a biting satire of that kind of movie. Garden State hit damn near every significant cliche.

No idea why this movie got the love it did.

Good point. The soundtrack is still good, despite the years since its release. Possibly another reason this movie did well.

Ranvarian… you do realize we’re all on the same internet right?

I am on the internet 2.

Because it was a good film, I suppose.

Hmm, no, see, it weren’t. It was in fact a silly little movie with many elements of previous, better films shoehorned about. Navel-gazing while listening to Coldplay is not the highest form of human expression.

Faux depth might do it for people who think Kevin Smith movies are “smart comedy”, but come on.

Why do you think this movie is considered comedy? I felt it was more of a drama. I don’t think I laughed out loud once. The characters were quirkey and I offten smiled, but that’s not really comedy to me.


It’s cool Benzo, we can agree to disagree right now. I liked what it was doing, and how it did it. It’s a five-star date flick, at any rate. That might mean jack to you, but alas. It had, IMO, some really good lines, too.

“I guess I’ll see you guys later.”

Kelly: Well, we just ate all this fucking ‘X’, so what the hell else are we supposed to do?
Jesse: The woman has a point.

“We’ll probably head over there right after we bury your mom.”

“By the way, it says BALLS on your face.”

Dr. Cohen: Mister… Andrew Largeman?
Andrew Largeman: Yes?
Dr. Cohen: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.
Andrew Largeman: Really?
Dr. Cohen: Just kidding; how the hell would I know?

“I’m okay with being unimpressive, I sleep better.”

“Hey Albert? Good luck exploring the infinite abyss.”

I dunno, I think that’s pretty good dialogue. But I’m a plebescite hack with as much taste as a freeze-dried potato, so…

Bill. you forgot the best line:

“Someone’s been pissing on my Gamecube and I’m about to crack the case.”

Now come on… thats original.

It also has one of the most impressive soundtracks to date. Its just a good movie all around.

Hey did you guys know that Garden State has an awesome soundtrack? Just FYI.

But wait… How come nobody’s mentioned the soundtrack yet?

F-man for teh win! Yeah, that one was awesome. And, although it’s kind of fruity, I liked it when Sam said at her gerbil’s funeral “Goodbye. I hope you liked me.” Well, that and “I can’t believe you’re not retarded!”

“Didn’t you kill yourself?”

I don’t understand the attraction to Natalie Portman. She’s not that pretty and she’s a bad actress. Her performance in this movie was both forced and unnatural.