Garden State

I’m not sold on her acting (except for Beautiful Girls, where she is charming), but she is that pretty. What she’s not is the most beautiful woman in the world, which for a while it looked like she was going to ripen into. But she is still 486,000 times more beautiful than anyone I am ever likely to date.

Did I mention that this was a movie about nothing? The last scene was a ‘duh’ moment, like we didn’t expect him to have this fucking revelation a quarter of the way into the movie.

I would’ve liked the movie better if he would have left her ass in the airport but then again I’m a cynical, heartless bastard.

I think this might be obvious, but I’ll double-check: Is the first scene of the movie, with the crashing plane, supposed to imply what would have happened if he hadn’t turned around at the end?

I didn’t think so. I thought it was just a fanciful way of foreshadowing the coming visit, the difficult relationship with dad.