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Chive flowers too. And tasty.

We have chives in the garden and never realized the flowers were edible. What are good uses for them?

Mainly as a garnish. They would be good in a salad. Just be sure to check them for ants. They find them tasty too.

I heard ants are spicy because of the formic acid

Well, that’s just a protein bonus!

Having accidentally eaten an ant as a child I can tell you that they are very sour. :P

They are good for boosting your disease resistance, if you consume their little anty-bodies. (rimshot)

You wouldn’t want to cook them, but they have a very strong onion flavor, I find it significantly stronger than the chives themselves, so would probably work well anywhere you’d use raw onion.


My wife does most of the gardening but I’m responsible at least for bringing some things in, mostly fruiting things because I like things that you eat. So several years back I started getting us pineapples (my buddy was moving and dug up like 6 of them for me) and also we planted the tops of a few store bought ones. Flash forward and we have like 15 plants right now, but in that whole time I’ve gotten a single tiny pineapple that didn’t taste very good, and a few that animals ate for us. Well hopefully that is about to change as we put a cage around one that was looking good and just got it picked.

It’s bigger than it looks, kind of on the small side of something you’d find in the grocery store, maybe 3-5 pounds? I should have put it on a scale.

Edit: put it on a scale and it’s a tiny bit over 3 pounds. I need to go work out apparently. ;)

Wow that’s impressive! What state are you in?

I got an oven like yours. I wiped that LCD panel with a clock with a sponge and the unit started beeping like crazy because the pad shorted out. (Kitchenaid)

Had to remove the thing, clean it with some alcohol and dry it out. Kinda a dumb design if those things can’t get wet.


Mine is an LG, but I think KitchenAid might just be a badge on other brands’ products? I’ll be careful in the future with it, thanks for the heads up.

Ok so I ate this with the family today at what I’m going to call peak ripeness, and holy cow. I wasn’t expecting much, but I think it may have been one of the best pineapples I’ve ever tasted. I’m not exaggerating either, I really expected it to be crap like the last one I grew. It was not nearly as tart as usual and was almost creamy. Damn, that made me happy.

Yay pineapple!

Yeah our lettuce bolts immediately out here but we can grow these alright.

Although my wife is correcting me about the lettuce, apparently we can grow that in the winter lol

Yeah, lettuce doesn’t like the heat down here. And we don’t have much cool weather. I wouldn’t even try it. But good luck! Heh, winter. 65 degrees.

My wife has tries lettuce here but it bolts way to early in the season to make it worth the space it takes up. Some of the herbs we grow do that but they can be trimmed way back and they will continue growing.

It’s the days of 80s and 90s. That’s all of spring and summer pretty much. Heck, even early fall.

Here it’s the days of 100’s and high 90’s. :)