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Good question! I have no idea.

Some new bonsai pics:

Chinese elm

Newly repotted Hokkaido Chinese Elm

Two junipers

You can compare with the shots from a little over a month ago.

I’m amazed with the amount of patience a person has to have to do this. Your middle Juniper pic looks so much better than your last pic.

Guess I never thought about what baby ladybugs looked like but here you go! All out larva vs aphid war happening on our apple tree.

I’m growing some Kalette sprouts. They’re just seedlings now, and I’ll transplant them in a few weeks I think. No idea where they’ll go.

For anyone interested, here’s some stuff I learned a few months ago, that I didn’t know, and found interesting.

So, cabbage, brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, and other things… they’re all the same species of plant. Brassica oleracea. It’s kind of neat that a single species of plant was cultivated and bred into so many dramatically different forms, and yet they’re still all the same plant.

Anyway, so lots of folks may know that brussels sprouts look crazy when they grow. Like some kind of medieval weapon.

So anyway, recently I found out that there’s another subspecies called “Kalette”, which is kind of the equivalent of brussels sprouts, if you replaced all the tiny cabbage heads with tiny kale heads!

Individual little bud things look like this:

Super weird. Anyway, I got some seeds from Territorial seeds, and I’ve got little seedlings growing in my basement now. They have 3 cultivars, each maturing at slightly different times. They’re cold hardy, and like kale, supposedly taste better after a frost. So the idea is that you can plant them around june, and then if you plant all 3 cultivars, you’ll have harvests from Nov. through February. We’ll see, I’ve never really tried harvesting anything once it’s full on winter.

Anyway, thought folks would be interested in this weird looking plant.

Never heard of that but it looks interesting. We tried to grow Brussels sprouts ac few years ago but they didn’t really sprout for us. And kale does taste sweeter after a frost. It has something to do with their cell chemistry producing sugars to act as antifreeze.

Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. And Brassica rapa are bok choy, mizuna, napa cabbage, other asian greens, and turnips!

Anyway, good luck. I’ve not had great luck with brussels sprouts. Will try planting them again this summer for a winter crop and see if they do any better. Kale definitely survives well into winter. I’m the only one in the house who likes it so I quit planting it. Otherwise, I’ve posted before about how I just leave carrots in the ground into winter(before the ground really starts to freeze) and just harvest as I need them.

You guys are blowing my mind. All the same species? Turnips are the same species as bok choy?!

Brassicas are like the plant version of the dog. Bred into so many different sizes and forms.

Everything is cabbage, yo.

Very excited … in my earlier planted dahlia bed, 12 of 13 tubers are now up (sprouted). Though 1 sprout was munched on by a cicada who left his shell behind as evidence. The second later planted group of 7 tubers is doing well too, I think 4 are up.

Going to be a colorful summer around here :slight_smile: