Gargoyle-like mystery creature washes up in Ontario lake

I think it’s a hoax, but heck, it’s pretty ugly lookin’.

Guess he got lost on the way to the apocalypse. Canada can be like that.

Probably stopped in a bar somewhere and got hammered before falling in. We’ll know after the autopsy.

I hope his 4th gen iPhone wasn’t stolen by some enterprising thug.

Definitely a rodent of some kind. Too small to be a beaver, a little big for a rat. Probably some crazy Canadian species. I bet it was venomous.

Rodents of unusual size? I don’t think they exist…

Cons orange to me at 36.

Wasn’t found in Denmark, huh?

IANAZ but it looks like an f’ed up otter corpse to me.

I found a vole in the filter of my pool the other day that looked similar to that, only tiny. I hadn’t cleaned it out in about three days, the thing was swirling around for that long and lost all of the fur on its body, but had what looked like a lion’s mane around it’s neck/facial area. My wife was not happy when I presented it to her on a gardening trowel.

At only 20 cm (~7 inches) it’s probably a stoat.

Ah, I missed the size of it. 20cm would be a most inadequate otter.

It’s never a stoat.


I lol’d. EQ classic. I miss it, but then again I don’t.

That creature looks like a badger with some sort of skin disease to me. Never trust dead corpses that come out of the water. Baking in the sun and salt water with creatures nibbling on things can really make things look distorted. Not to mention bloating from body decay.

Now that I’ve seen a full body shot, it looks very, very much like an otter. An otter from Hell, but an otter nonetheless.

Maybe it’s an otter pup.

[edit]Or (now that I see the additional pics) maybe 20 cm is just wrong. That’s got to be more like 20 inches.

When I read the thread name, I was hoping for something like this:

Needless to say, I’m quite disappointed.

I’m guessing otter or something. Definitely warped by the water.

This was in Canada?

It’s probably a goalie.

Dead animals left in the water long enough will lose their fur and look rather unusual. When I was a kid we lived near a swampy lake edge and one day my brother and I came across an animal sans fur in the creek that emptied into the lake. It was probably something mundane, perhaps a racoon, but without fur it looked very strange.

I’ll tell you what it is, it’s butt-ugly.

Second guess - a mole?