Garry witta and Mr. Godzilla onboard for the first Star Wars standalone


Gary Whitta is going to be pissed that Garry Witta snagged his opportunity.

…screenwriter of the excellent The Book of Eli and the not excellent After Earth.

There’s a chapter in the fantastic “Writing Movies for Fun (and Profit)” dedicated just to how to act around Movie Stars because in Hollywood, they are special. A Movie Star is basically the king of the set - the director is the one running the show, but he or she still has to follow a movie star’s schedule, whims, and thoughts. Often times, Movie Stars even bring in their own writers to do a lot of changes - Gary Whitta got credit as the screenwriter for the film, but that may not necessarily mean he was the sole creator of many aspects. I like to believe that Mr. Whitta (whom I’ve been following and been a fan of since his PC Gamer days) is a much better storyteller and dialogue writer than what ended up being After Earth, and that Will Smith, his son, and M. Night’s input is what really brought that movie down.

So I’m excited at the news of this new movie. I hope it doesn’t focus on Jedi.

Pretty exciting! Good luck, Gary. Try to write it so they can’t possibly screw anything up.

Gary’s an engaging, smart and funny dude. I didn’t like either of his pictures, but maybe this is where he finds his voice.

Really, if Will and Jayden hadn’t flat-out refused the father-son bonding-through-chogglepants scene, I think the movie would have been received very differently.

This is Star Wars we’re talking about here. They can screw anything up.

You made my condescend-o-meter start beeping. Gary writes “story” stories, for love of genre and plot. I think you measure the success of these kinds of classic movie experiences by how little voice they have, putting us deep in the fantasy without drawing attention to the author. Maybe the director puts a stamp on the visual side of things, but to me the art of the writing is in concept and structure, not voice.

The Star Wars universe is easily Gary’s best playground yet for his kind of story craft. I seem to recall he started heading up PC Gamer right around the same time as my X-Wing/Tie Fighter gaming obsession. So to this press release, I say hell, yes!

Huh? Condescending to who? You’re the one arguing semantics, and saying weird things like the writer shouldn’t try to imbue a voice to his script/story.

Suffice it to say that After Earth and Book of Eli only put me deep in the fantasy of watching other movies.

I enjoyed the Walking Dead game though. Excited to see how this shakes out.

When the news of the New Sequels and the standalone movies broke last year, an example of a standalone movie was a movie focusing on the further adventures of Boba Fett. Gary’s Twitta feed confirmed that he’s writing the next movie but didn’t confirm the movie’s subject.

I’m hoping for a movie that will cover the smuggler and bounty hunter side of the Star Wars universe. I’d like to see a protagonist that bristles with exotic weaponry and is hated by almost everyone he meets. He’s seen too much to be anything but cynical. Tall, dark, and lonely, he often survives terrifying situations through an almost preternatural amount of luck. He wears an eyestalkpatch. Winter 2016. Gareth Edwards. Gary Whitta. Disney. Lucasfilm. Binks. Rated R.

R? NC-17 more like.

Well, they wouldn’t want to completely cut off access to the youth market…but at the same time they can’t censor their artistic impulses. I say go for the NC-17.

“Meesa not looking for trouble…”
thermal detonator explodes
“but meesa found some.”

I can only hope we get the art film about Jar Jar’s days as a Gungan Ladyboy in a bordello on Coruscant that we all expect.

That movie was doomed the moment they hired M. Night “The next Spielberg” Shyamalan to direct.

Fixed. But good luck to them, the chances of survival are 725 to 1. Actually Artoo has been known to make mistakes… from time to time… Oh dear…

… and ACTION!.

Faster. More intense.

I haven’t seen After Earth, because the previews made it look absolutely terrible. So now I want to know the chogglepants story.