GaryCon: anyone going?

Or is this one propped up by his racist son and should be avoided?

Looks like the non-dickbag Luke Gygax is involved not Ernie.

I was really hoping this would be a convention focusing on the amazing character actor Gary Cole, and was disappointed to see that it wasn’t.

First one into Vault 108 loses!

No, my name isn’t Gary.


I remember reading his posts on and his early death was tragic

Sadly looks like the primary hotel’s already sold out, and my experiences at GenCon make me very uninterested in booking a spot 2+ miles away. A friend went this past year and really, really enjoyed it, so it’s definitely on my radar. It’s a hellish 15+ hour drive (even worse than the 10 we already do for GenCon), so I’d likely be flying, making staying at the core hotel even more vital.

So, I’m a little sad that apparently I missed hotel opening day by like, 11 days, but, I now have something to look forward to for 2024 :)

What’s wrong with staying 2+ miles away?

I wanna be where the party’s at. D&D pun partly intended.

More specifically, I don’t wanna be stuck dealing with Uber in what sounds like a pretty rinky dink town to get back and forth between my room (and all my stuff in it) and the convention resort where all the games, merch, events, etc. are happening, and if there is any kind of night life to get up to after the games end, I would ideally like my hotel to be within stumbling distance of that, as well.

It’s an annoying setup, because the Con is at a resort a couple miles outside of Lake Geneva. So either stay onsite and not be able to easily get to and from the town, or stay in town and potentially have to do offsite extracurriculars instead of whatever’s happening at the resort. That said, there are shuttles that run between the overflow hotels and the resort, but hotel shuttles aren’t fun, and they aren’t going to be as frequent or as late as con festivities would want.

And even driving, it’s a PITA. You can’t just run up to your room to take a nap, use a private loo, or just drop stuff off.

My first thought was Gary Indiana was holding a convention?