Gauntlet on Steam

Hey, I didn’t see a thread on this yet. I had a question for any who have tried: What is local coop like? If I have 4 USB controllers, can I play it with 4 people on my 1 PC? Can players go off screen, and how do character menus work with 4 people on the same screen?

You can’t go off screen. Online multiplayer works under the same restrictions.

When you ask about character menus, I get the feeling you’re confusing this with some sort of heavy role playing game with inventories, level-up screens and stuff. There’s none of that here. Gauntlet is more of a pure dungeon crawling, hack and slash type thing. You kill baddies and collect gold. Rinse and repeat. That’s about it.

As it stands, it’s perfectly serviceable, if a little bland and on the short side. Perfect if you need an excuse to get together with some friends for a couple of hours for some mindless button mashing.