Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows?

So, what’s the word on this one? I was tempted to give it a look-see, but Kasavin destroyed it on Gamespot with a 5.2 overall, while the only other released review so far is an 8.0 from TeamXBox. Both sites’ User Ratings give it an 8.0-8.5 overall.

I know at some point Romero was involved with this, but bowed out for some reason, and that a lot of the complexity originally planned for the title was excised with Romero’s departure. Features like 2 additional player characters (Tragederian and Lancer, IIRC) on top of the 4 originals, as well as multiple weapon/fighting styles per character were axed, which I thought were neat features.

So now, it looks like a fairly straightforward, mindless hack-and-slash, albeit one playable coop over XBox Live. Now, I love me some RPG elements mixed in with my hack-and-slash, so I’m disappointed that they apparently “dumbed-down” the game to make it more arcadey, but I also still love me some mindless co-op hack-and-slash, and have been jonesing for something akin to the old Golden Axe games.

Given that, does anyone out there have additional info on the worthiness of this release? A 5.2 sounds like a kiss of death from Gamespot, but is that wholly accurate or would the game still be appealing for fans of the genre? I found it interesting that Gamespot gave it almost all 5’s across the board, while TeamXBox gave it almost all 8’s across the board. That’s a big disparity that I’m looking to clear up a bit.

I am not a game developer. I know nothing. And yet even I know that all the world has ever wanted is a modern hack and slash action RPG remade with the Gauntlet II engine.

[url=]Yahoo! give it 2/5

Also, everything is all too gothic these days. When did the Valkyrie spray her bra with black rustoleum? When did the Wizard get told by his supervisor that all his sparkle had to be made of people’s corpses? When did the elf trade in the Robin Hood leathers, and why did he do it just to get one more hit of smack?

It doesn’t sound significantly different from Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. Although I thought G:DL was fun for a little while, mainly for the novelty of being in 3D, the idea of a retread that adds little and shares the same faults (linearity) doesn’t exactly fill me with enthusiasm.

(I like the URL for the Gamespot review.)

Sorry to hear the PC version is dead. It would have been the first computer Gauntlet in 12 years. :(


I thought Romero was working on the cell-phone version of Guantlet, or some crap like that.

Last I heard, he was working on his unemployment application.

There are some types of games that many reviewers simply hate, and that includes simple arcade games. The solution is ignore these reviewers.

Gauntlet Legends and Dark Legacy got poor reviews, too, even though they were close approximations of the Platonic ideal of mindless linear hack & slash games. I loved them to pieces and I have to doubt I’ll enjoy Seven Sorrows just as well.

Sawyer posted on the Obsidian boards and gave clear signals he wanted more complex gameplay but Midway didn’t - doesn’t sseem surprising that a game where both co-leads left dissatisfied ended up mediocre.

I think that the game people wanted could be done by a small team on a limited budget. It might not have the gauntlet name or much flash, but no-one cares about that anyway.

I wonder if the license for Dandy is available. Dandy is the game that Gauntlet was based on – this is a great story: after Dandy came out, Atari hired the guy who made it to help them make Gauntlet, and then once his contract was up, tried to sue him for copyright infringement to get Dandy off the market.

EDIT: I went looking to confirm this story, and found an even better version: The guy who created Dandy was paid off with a Gauntlet cabinet! That’s very cool, but I think he should have had a lawyer do his negotiation.