Gavin Rossdale in Boston tonight: yay or nay?

So a friend has an extra ticket to this show tonight and wants me to go down to it with her. I’m kinda on the fence since I don’t really know much about a Rossdale show (and it would mean getting home around 3am). Just wondering if anyone knows if this guy puts on a good show or not.

Question: how badly do you want to sleep with the girl?

I know, I know. She’s cute but she’s bit too nuts for me to want to date. I’ve known here for a while and I know she’s not into one nighters, even with friends.

That’s why I posted here, since essentially I will be going down to boston for the music and I have no idea what kind of a show Gavin Rossdale puts on.

He’s the dude who led Bush, right?

Depends on if you like generic rock-ish type balladeering that for some reason tends to get certain girls all agitated.


What, the Bruins are playing tonight man.

I don’t mind it on the radio, but I don’t think I want to drive to Boston to catch the live version. You never know some of these guys rip live, but sounds like ths guy doesn’t.

Bush is right under Creed on my list of Most Hated Bands of All Time. This would be a tough call for me, but I am not you.

If you hate the music but dig the girl, I’d say it’s time to man up and go. If you like the music but aren’t really into the chick, I’d say it’s free live music and suggest you go. If you don’t dig the music or the company all that much, I’d do something else.

And the winner is!

This post was made on the off chance I was passing up a great show. That does not seem to be the case.