Gay toilet stall behavior and American politics

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Ok, so that Senator Larry Craig got picked up for his toilet signaling activities… but I don’t get it, what the hell does one do to get some man action in a toilet? And is it remotely possible this could be misconstrued?

I found this…

The police version of events is simple. The toilet was known as a place where men came for sex. They would sit down in the stalls and use a recognisable series of foot movements and hand gestures to signal their intentions. That is, according to the police report, what Craig did.

He settled himself into the toilet, tapped his feet and moved his right foot over to touch that of the policeman in the next stall, and then slid his hand under the dividing wall. The policeman responded by showing Craig his badge. Craig was arrested. Or, as one unkind headline had it, he was ‘flushed’.

Craig has steadfastly denied that he is either gay or was seeking sex. He said that the whole thing was a misunderstanding, claiming he had a ‘wide stance’ when sitting down and that led to him touching the police officer’s foot. His hand movements, he said, had merely been a result of reaching down to retrieve some toilet paper.

…at the Guardian, but it’s not 100% conclusive to me. I’m picking the guy was out for some man fun, but what were the signals that were so conclusive that the cop went for the arrest right away instead of, say, arresting him on entering his cubical or something.

Enquiring minds want to know!

Crossing the invisible line between stalls is a pretty clear sign IMO.

But he was “groping for toilet paper”.

I’m sure he’s guilty as sin (ha!) too, but it would be awesome if it was laid out in detail why hehehe.

I mean, if it was a series of events so implausible to be done accidentally… well there, he’s definitely a naughty naughty chap.

Here’s an interesting perspective:,musto,77740,15.html

I recommend experimenting on your own - you’ll know you’ve stumbled on the correct sequence when an amorous gay man climbs into your stall.

I had a guy stick his head under the stall and say “I’m watching you!” while I was limbering up to take a piss. Not the best of timing on his part.

I nominate Aeon221 to do the research. He sounds a quick-minded individual.


They got Calistas! Those %#@$ ankle-grabbers! This will be a lesson. This and the vents.

Once was quite enough, thanks. I’ve had serious issues with peeing in public places since – let alone taking a crap.

You take your crap to public places? How odd.

I already take my crap here, so I figure – why not?