Gaz, Vede; Your Christmas Shopping is Now Done

Well, maybe not Christmas shopping for you Vederman, but I think you’ll find an appropriate occasion to give this to a loved one. Gaz, you don’t already have one do you? It’s the Love Lump…*

  • This is Not Safe For Work for anyone killing time at the office.

Never did I imagine that my mind could be so scarred by a badly-done computer rendering.

Oh. MY. GOD!

btw, how did this end up in Games?

lol WTF


Uhh…that was me not thinking. As usual. Sorry about that. Tom/Mark can move/delete this thread to keep things tidy if they care.


A. Henry Ross

CEO, EroTech Industries


Since the dawn of time, humankind has struggled with a great and tragic dilemma, one that has plagued us from the moment we began to try and understand our role on this vast and wondrous planet. Coming to terms with the our true nature as self-aware, yet animal beings has caused much suffering throughout the ages. In these days of uncertainty, one can become quite overwhelmed by the changes happening around us. Advances in technology in the past decade are setting a foundation for a new age of humanity, unlike any seen before. The possibilities for growth are astounding, yet we are still confined to this very real and organic vessel known as the Human Body.

Touch. The least understood of all the senses. From our time as infants, the sensation of touch is one that is forever linked to feelings of warmth, security and joy. We see, however, as we grow into childhood, more and more rules and codes are enforced upon this sense. We learn that there is a time and place for the exchange of physical affection, one that is shrouded in secrecy and shame.

In these difficult and complex times, we often forget that it is the health of the physical body that directly influences our mental “self”. If we neglect the physical, and do not nurture it, we risk the chance of evolving into a race of the Unfeeling, indistinguishable from the cold steel machines that surround us more and more each day.

We at EroTech wish to provide a medium by which modern humans can indulge their physical selves, in a positive and harmless fashion. We believe in helping to create a world free from the pain of loneliness and frustration, which play such a prominent role in the modern human condition.

This is Our Mission.

Would dolphins evolve thumbs already and stop this?


Do you think I’d have a case in court if I sued for unwarranted destuction of my libido?