GBA with backlighting

I’ve heard rumors of a GBA in development with it’s own backlighting. Some of you guys here seem to be on the “inside”, can you shed any light on this rumor? I’m thinking of buying one, but I’ll wait if this rumor is true.

There was a do-it-yourself backlight for the GBA under development by a company whose name I forgot. Should be approaching release now. Never heard of a Nintendo GBA with backlight built-in, though.

Check out kit is out and for sale,but I haven’t bought it yet.

The kit is called an “Afterburner” and can be ordered directly from for about $30. The installation process is somewhat involved. I have also heard the rumors of Nintendo developing a backlit GBA. Supposedly we can expect more news in October.

  • Alan

I have an Afterburner. Not for the faint of heart. You’ll need a soldering iron, a Dremel Tool (optional but a big help), and a dust-free environment. (For god’s sake, don’t open my PC case!)

Most of all, though, you need a free afternoon. Which is my mine’s still in its packaging.

It’s actually a very professionally done product, with a four-color manual and everything.

I’m certain Nintendo will be announcing a backlit GBA. The day after I get my Afterburner installed.

Bah, who needs afterburner when you have klieg lights!

I was planning on picking up one of those Afterburner jobbies but clean forgot.

But, just this past week, I was in Best Buy looking for something and came across two types of backlights for the GBA (no, not that cheap rubbish dangling light I bought at EB a while back) which are similar to the A/B. I didn’t buy either of them. :roll:

This place will paint your GBA in one of many metallic colors AND install the afterburner mod for you. You have to supply both, but given what I’ve heard about the install, a $25 install fee sounds quite reasonable.

A metallic purple GBA would be oh so pimp.

Yeah, Wumpus, but you gotta pay another $25 to get your GBA “colored” as well. So it’s $50 total.

looks like they’re haven’t taken any orders since 6/24. they must be swamped.

on a side note, i work with a guy here in des moines, iowa that knows the kid at iowa state that invented the afterburner. i should see if i could get a free one :P

I had a friend install the afterburner in my system. He did a fantastic job - and wow, the afterburner REALLY WORKS. It makes the GameBoy Advance a much better system.