Gc/gcdc '08

The usual question: Who else will attend the GC or the GC Developers Conference next week in Leipzig? It’ll be hard to top the legendary Qt3 Gathering at GC '06, which, …well, was me running into Tom Ohle. But hey, you can always try.


I’m at GC all week… (work work work)… in Koch Media’s booth (business center first days, then public).

hehe yeah I’ll be there. While I can’t commit to any sort of gathering/party/festivities at the moment because my schedule is constantly in flux and is generally a bit on the “OMG I need sleep” side, I’d like to!

So, huh, three of us so far. It’ll be epic. Looks like I’ll be seeing you on Wednesday anyway, Johan, to check out… well, that stuff.


I would like to be there… Kojima-San will be in Leipzig…
Guys please take pictures of the event :(… do it for me … for Fersis … :’(

I’m not even going, and the end of this post makes me feel guilty :(

Do any of the big three have a ‘keynote’ set, and if so on what day?

I do know that only Sony has a keynote this year, but I’m having trouble finding out when. Reeves has stated that there are going to be several significant announcements/showings at the event, as per Sony’s effort to spread announcements over E3, GC and TGS. There should be some interesting news from them.

Found it:

Sony Europe is presenting 5-6 pm (their time) on August 20th.

Thank you.

Sorry Tom for not being able to stop by at your booth once more. My schedule was a bit more crammed than I originally thought. Stopped by to say ‘Adios’ later, but you weren’t around.

Met Johan today and had a brief chat with him. It was also nice to run into the guy behind Mount & Blade. His presentation was almost like his game - not as ‘polished’ or ‘perfect’ as you’d expect from bigger publishers, but it had heart. Awesome.