Gchat logging issue

I’ve tried my hardest to Google a solution to this, to no avail. I’m having an incredibly annoying issue with Gchat lately and I can’t figure out what’s going on.

This issue has occured with a handful of my friends that I chat with, but one in particular it happens with CONSTANTLY. As those of you who use Gchat have surely noticed, it likes to dump the last 10-15 lines worth of chat into your little chat window when you start a conversation, sort of bringing up a backlog of what you were chatting about last time. The problem that I’m having is that it KEEPS DOING THIS over and over again. The one friend in particular, almost every single time he sends a line of text, it takes the ENTIRETY of our conversation from that entire day and dumps it out, then sticks whatever he said on the end. By the end of the day it sometimes takes 20-30 seconds for it to scroll through a whole day’s worth of conversing and it gets incredibly obnoxious.

At first I thought maybe this was being caused by one of us leaving a second copy of Gchat open somewhere, but we’ve both made sure we’re only logged in from one location. I’ve tried going into my archive and deleting the chat logs, but it still somehow regenerates them and spews them out at me again. Going off the record may or may not help, but we both prefer to keep out chat logs so that’s not really a great option.

So what the heck do I do??? Googling things like “Gchat log constantly reloading” or similar things isn’t finding me anything even remotely related to my issue.

I hope you guys can help! Thanks! :)

Does it happen both w/ a local Gchat client and via the browser-based Gchat?

Only seems to happen in the browser based Gchat.