GDC China - ghost town?

I’m in Shanghai for GDC China and noted with mild surprise that there didn’t seem to be any threads suggesting there are other QT3ers here. If anyone does pop by it would be nice to have drinks or similar. Anyone else in town is welcome to drop me a PM.

Not too many gold farmer employees here, I guess.


not sure if there are any game devs working in china that post on here.

Anyways enjoy GDC Shanghai, I heard they are doing lots construction in shanghai for world fair or something.

After Bad Day L.A. they all committed ritual suicide.

I was there speaking, but missed this thread and had to fly out a day early, sorry! It was a good time.


Why would you want to make a racist joke in the China GDC thread? Rosie Odonnel.



as in, “Man, I just flew in from Jersey, and boy are my arms tired!”


You’re either trying to say BADDA BING! or BADDA CHING CHANG CHONG!

I honestly can’t tell which.

Hey Chris, I was at your talk on UGC and part of that little group surrounding you after it. Really outstandingly good presentation, very thought provoking (also a great content aggregator - I hadn’t seen either the RepRap or the LBP calculation engine before). Thanks for taking the time to chat with us afterwards.

I think there was steam coming out of the translation box though. You do speak quite fast!

Thanks, my pleasure!

It’s funny, that was actually slow for me. The version of the talk I gave at GDC earlier this year also had 4 or 5 wacky-Spore-creature demos at a few minutes a pop, and Will Wright did a Russian Space Minute in the middle of the talk, which was actually about 5 or 10 minutes long, and it took about the same amount of time (1:15 or so), so I must have actually successfully slowed down a lot (almost by half, I’d guess) but I guess it wasn’t enough, because the conference folks said the translators were freaking out…sigh.