Gearbox buys Homeworld license

Oh, nice. The lack of ballistics kinda bummed me out when I tried Homeworld 1 remastered. Glad to hear that they’re apparently fixing it. Not sure if they’re adding it to Homeworld 2 too since it didn’t have that.

From what I have read and the RM version, any changes to one are made to the other.

That web design made my eyes bleed.


Still nothing on Cataclysm. Sigh.

The only two ways that happens are if the source code is conjured up out of thin air or Gearbox decides to remake the entire game from scratch. Unfortunately, the likelihood of either is infinitesimally small.

I know, but these guys really were pushing this as big news, so that’s kinda what I was hoping for.

Patch notes from yesterday:

Also, this is on-sale for 50% on GoG!

For someone that has never played Homeworld before would you folks recommend starting with 1 or 2 (from this remastered edition)?


I’m not sure why you wouldn’t start with HW1. HW2 is a continuation of the HW1 story.

Makes sense. I guess I was wondering which one held up better over the years, but maybe that is irrelevant in this case. :-)


You should play the original version, so you can listen to the sweet-ass Yes song at the end.

Dun dun dun…


Too soon?

If Yes isn’t providing the soundtrack, no sale

Wait, what does this mean? Half Life 3?!

I am hearing a distinctive lack of Jon Anderson in that teaser.

I’m sure all good people have been seen developing this game.

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