Gearboxs' Borderlands Universe gets a movie

This clip does not instill confidence. It looks like they’re all pulling their punches.

Wow, cringey.

Wow, that looks just terrible

It just looks like a dumpster fire waiting to happen, or perhaps it already happened people just don’t know it yet. That’s from someone who played the crap out of BL1 and 2 (3 is still in the backlog).

I’m the target audience for this, like the actors, played all the games… and I’m not watching this.

This clip reminds me of those off-brand fantasy movies you can find on amazon prime, only far far worse. I can’t believe they’re actually going to release it.

eh, i’ll watch it on streaming 17 days after it releases, but ya these characters are all wrong. I think part of the problem might be that many of these characters were portrayed excellently in the games; even replacing those voices is hard enough, improving on them is going to be near impossible. Then there’s the age, holy shit are there really no more young actors anymore?