Gears Maps -- Who's getting them?

So the new Gears content comes out today. Who’s getting them? Who’s plunking down the cash? I’m quite interested – I really dig Gears multiplayer – but as Xaroc mentioned to me today, if I have to play against random losers, it definitely isn’t worth the 800 points.

Eh… the random losers aren’t so bad in Gears. I’ve had a ton of great games playing Trueskill matchups on there.

I don’t think I’m going to get them, though. I’ll wait until they give them away in September.

So is it seriously true that Microsoft is going to make developers/publisher charge for downloadable content from now on, that nothing will be free? Or is that an ugly rumor?

Microsoft wants to charge for everything. To give away something for free takes a lot of clout and arguing.

I will be getting the new maps… in September, when the price is more reasonable (i.e. free).

I haven’t played much Gears online in a while anyway, though I keep thinking I should fire it up again. Are there still a lot of people playing?

I wonder how it will be handled online if you’re playing with a group on random maps and some people have the new maps and some don’t.

There are definitely a lot of people still playing. It’s still probably the top action game on Live. They sold so many of them that I doubt you’ll really see it fall off at all until Halo 3 ships.

I’m not sure. You probably get kicked and get a message such as “You do not have the required map,” as you would in HALO 2.

In RB6V, most hosts are nice enough to ask if everyone has the new maps before swtiching.

So by the time these go free, Halo 3 will be on the cusp of release?

Pretty much, yeah. You think maybe they planned it that way? :)

I’m thinking of not dropping $10 to play even these AWESOME sounding maps when they’ll be free in a couple months. I have to move anyways, so my time with them would be short (and I just sold the HDTV… sniff…)

they sound GREAT though, interactivity? poison gases? pitch black map if the generator gets shot up?

These do sound pretty cool.

They do sound cool, I just don’t play Gears multi enough to justify this. I have 700 points atm, and I have to buy 1200 to get 800 to buy Catan, so I’ll have 1100 left. Either I save that for some future XBLA game, get Castlevania (never played it) or get the Gears maps (which I rarely play). Hmmm.

Or I buy 1100 points worth of gamerpics and Uno decks.

We went over this a lot in other threads, but basically… Microsoft can’t make publishers charge for content nor do they set the prices for those that do (ie, Guitar Hero 2 song packs). But they can and do set certain pricing guidelines and limitations for those that do charge (ie… you can’t put up an XBLA game for less than 400 points).

The issue with Gears is that the developer, Epic Games, wants to give away the content. The publisher, Microsoft Game Studios, wants to charge for it. The compromise they worked out was to do like that early Halo 2 map pack and charge for it at first, then give it away free after a few months.

Well, that seems like a no brainer then. Wait and free? Or pay and now? It’s like announcing that the DVD of a new release will be free, but you have to pay full price for general admission. Oh, and it’s not a new movie, it’s just the director’s cut with some additional scenes.

Couldnt you buy a smaller amount of points, since you only want 100 of them?

Pro-tip! Download the Zune software. You can buy points in increments of 400 ($5.00). Do that twice and you don’t have to pay extra for Catan.

Um, well duh, get that.

Halo 3’s beta will be out in a couple of weeks so I’d rather save the money.

Um, well duh, get that.

If he’s never played it before … well, he won’t have the nostalgia required to make it good. I’d never played it before either and I now regret wasting the points on it.

I don’t have a credit card, so I buy my points at retail. Also, I’m not sure if I can use this Zune stuff. Microsoft isn’t very Canada friendly.