Gears of War 4 - The next generation

Chainsaw guns, roadie runs, satellite strikes, and grenade tagging 25 years into the future.

In our 14-page cover story, you’ll learn how the team is aiming to stay true to what makes Gears of War tick. We speak with studio head Rod Fergusson and the rest of the team and discover how The Coalition is taking the franchise 25 years into the future, to a time when the world is wracked by massive windstorms that radically change the field of battle. The Coalition is a big fan of the first Gears of War, so we talk with the team about how it aims to bring the series back to its darker, horror-themed roots. Afterwards we break down the three new playable characters and confirm two-player couch co-op. Then we get hands-on time with Gear of War 4’s new close-cover melee system.

They look so small.

Good point. The WWE wrestlers-turned soldiers aesthetic seems to be gone.

Pretty sure food got more scarce… :p

This is definitely a must buy game for me. Even though I’ve only played Gears 1 (twice) and only part way through Gears 2 right now, it just clicks with me.

Yeah, those characters don’t look right. It just ain’t Gears without my brick shithouse characters.

They look beefier when they put their armor on.

Reminds me of a Sears catalog layout.

Launch date announced. October 11th.


Nice trailer that one.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s a fault of timing, but I can’t hear Hello Darkness My Old Friend without immediately thinking of Sad Affleck.

I haven’t played through Gears 1-3 yet, so I learned a couple of things from that trailer.

  1. Marcus survives through the three games.
  2. Marcus didn’t win the war, since it looks like his son is still fighting the aliens after he’s a grown man.

Thanks for the spoilers Gears of War 4 trailer!

I’m joking, because if there’s one thing I don’t care about, it’s the story in Gears of War. I only played the Horde mode for that reason.

Which leads me to my next question: is the series with the best Horde mode in gaming going to bring it back? Gear’s Horde mode is the reason I never cared about Firefight in Halo games. They were okay, but every time I played fire fight, I always thought “I’d rather be playing Horde mode”.

Good question. Thankfully, Gears 3 is playable on Xbox One, so the best Horde mode is available right now!

True. I’ve been trying to get the gang back together. I was talking my brother last weekend and telling him about how since we’re all Gold members, all three of us own Gears 3 digitally and can play it on our Xbox Ones. The key difficulty is one brother has 4 kids now, and the other has one. So it’s impossible to find a slot where we’re all free and the kids have gone to bed, and the wives don’t demand our time. It’s mission impossible!

Man, I know that feeling. In my group, I’m the one with small kids so it’s hard to link up with my friends to play Destiny or The Division or whatever. And of course time is a zero sum game, so generally what happens is I cut into my sleep time, and I can only do that for so long.

It’s been long enough since Judgment that I think I’m over my Gears fatigue, ready for another go around. I did end up buying the remaster when it was on sale for $10 recently but haven’t actually played it yet. I’m a sucker for a deal.

Because of course it has in-game card packs and loot crates.

If you choose, you’ll be able to buy Hearthstone-style card packs that contain cosmetic items and other gear that, according to the team, will not impact gameplay. The devs were also quick to emphasize that all these items can be earned through play; spending real money to gamble on a Gear Crate just speeds up the process. You’ll also be able to buy maps, though again, you’ll never have to. The Coalition plans to add new maps and rotate out old maps for free approximately once a month, which should provide fresh content without segmenting the player base. However, if you want permanent access to a map so you can use it in private matches, you can buy it and host all your friends (who will not need to own it to play).

Playing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition gives you access to the Gears of War 4 beta exclusively on Xbox One. Xbox Live Gold required. Redeem on Xbox One or
I was emailed a code. I’m not a fan of the series and don’t want to play the beta. If you want the code send me a PM.

First come, first served… unless you’re super new or something.


Ultimate Edition preorder offer. Comes with the game, the season pass, and some cosmetic bits and bobs. Also, 4 whole days of early access.


Collector’s Edition with statue.


Details on Gear Packs. They’re pretty much copying the method used in Halo 5’s REQ Packs.

Simply put, Cards are the new way to unlock new customization content in Gears of War 4 that represent a variety of items - from player customization, to Horde equipment and abilities, and Bounties that task players with completing challenges for added rewards. We care deeply about preserving competitive balance in Gears of War 4, so no cards have any gameplay impact for Versus Multiplayer - only Cosmetics and Bounties apply in Versus modes.[/quote]

Bolding theirs.

Gear Packs can be purchased with Credits, the in-game currency earned by simply playing the game in an online multiplayer mode. If you’re short on time or simply want to accelerate the growth of your Card collection, Gear Packs can also be purchased with real world currency. As you level up by playing online, you’ll also earn additional Gear Packs when you reach certain milestones in your journey to max level.[/quote]

New campaign gameplay footage.