Gears of War 4 - The next generation

I read somewhere that the download is almost 100Gb, I’m not at my pc to check but is it really that big?

I tried to check for you, but Windows Store won’t load up for me.

Edit: 10 minutes later it finally loaded. Approx. size, it says over 102GB, so yep, it’s that big.

Holy crap. Glad the downloads are smaller on Xbox.

Xbox isn’t much smaller. My install was up 80+ GB.

That’s total, the update from yesterday was 20 GB.

Thanks @Rock8man, appreciate you taking the time to check it.

It is enormous. Given the small environments and not state of the art visuals, I don’t know why.

While the update itself is large, it’s because it includes some new compression techniques in addition to a bunch of new content. On Xbox and PC the install size will be smaller after installing the update:

Following installation of this Update, the overall size of Gears of War 4 will be:

Xbox One: 78.5GB
Windows 10: 103GB

It used to be ~90 and ~120 for each platform.

Anyone still play this? Of all the console shooter-types, this series is the one that I’ve enjoyed most, despite its terrible story-telling. I played the first 2 on the 360, and this year after getting an Xbox One X have been playing the enhanced versions of Gears 3 (which was incredible in 3D enhanced) and now Gears 4, which is quite a bit different, not surprisingly given the new development team.

Gears 4 actually might have the best story of the series (just starting Act V), but is still dumb and largely incoherent. The enhanced graphics are great, however, and the gameplay is as good as ever in the series, and seems more rigorously playtested to avoid inconsistent difficulty spikes. If anything, it’s too easy so far (started on Hardcore diff) compared to previous games, but I’m glad that the dumb boss fights of the previous installments are pared down.

Liked it enough to get Gears of War Judgment on Gamepass and have played that a bit too, but man, the unenhanced graphics look pretty rough by comparison now.

Well … I kind of still play it. What I mean is, I started a session in co-op with a friend and then we’ve had difficulty lining up our schedules to keep going. But then I feel bad about moving on without him, so I’m kind of stuck. So I guess I’m not really playing after all.

I’d be up for a coop run if you’re interested. I just finished my first run through of the game, on Hardcore. Or some splashing around on horde or whatever.

I beat the game last night! My friend that I had been running through in co-op and I decided we should buckle down and power through, and since we were already in the last act it wasn’t that hard to do. But I feel like this game was a real letdown, at least compared with the earlier entries. It just felt like work, like I was running through constant progressions of arenas, and they weren’t distinct or fun enough to keep me coming back (hence why it took my two years to complete it). The new enemy types just seem like massive bullet sponges with overpowered attacks, like the ones who will swallow you whole and try to carry you off the map.

There was one bit at the end, and I guess I’ll avoid spoiling but if you’ve played you probably know what I’m talking about, where I finally felt like I had tons of power available to me and the whole effort of playing was paid off. But then you get to this terrible end boss and it’s back to the slog. I’m kind of down on the whole concept of end bosses though, so maybe I just don’t have the right mindset for this. Anyway, Gears 4 can finally get removed from the hard drive, that’s one down from the backlog!

Downloaded Gears 4 last night, playing today I just finished up the prologue. So far its decent fun mindless pew pew and saw saw. HLTB says the main story is around 9 hours. So just the right length.

I watched this recap of Gears 1-3 earlier today.

Gotta play them in order if possible, so as this is an option thanks to PC Gamepass thats the plan. Then I’ll probably roll right into Gears 5.

Ack @kerzain what did you post? D:

My Steam password.

Finished up act 1, so is the whole game get to location, take cover, defeat 3 waves?

I haven’t played a Gears game since Gears 1.

No! Act 1 sucks. 2 too, maybe. It gets better.

If you turn the difficulty down you won’t need to cover too much.

I’m midway through Act V and really enjoying it. I felt like the difficulty wasn’t challenging enough until pretty late in the game but I definitely like the combination of droids and goopy aliens.

One thing Gears 4 was criticized for, was too many chapters where they basically shoehorned in the Horde Mode mechanics - place the fabricator, place defenses, fight waves of enemies. Gears 5, mercifully, does away with this.

Just finished Gears 4 and jumped straight into 5.

WOW! Quite a jump in quality.

And assuming you’re still in Act 1, you haven’t even seen the game really open up yet.