Gears of War special on MTV

Fascinating, particularly in how honest it appears to look at the stresses of putting together an E3 demo, the tensions between Microsoft and Epic, and just how far Gears is from being ready for release.

You do get the sense that a lot of it was rehearsed, but its stil in interesting look.


Let’s be honest.

MTV is probably exaggerating the tension and difficulty to make it dramatic, in the same way reality TV does.

Wearing a “Your Retarded” Shirt: Priceless.

Best of luck to those guys, but I can’t wait for the day when we look back on this video and the Mt.-Dew-and-Pizza-fueled 80 hour work weeks and think “god, what idiots we were.”

Yeah, but its tough to say how much was dramatized and how much is ea_spouse2 waiting to happen.


From what I’ve heard Epic isn’t EA.

There is nothing wrong with a big push a couple weeks out before a fixed deadline ( 5 10s and 1 8 hour on Sat in this case ). In certain circumstances it can probably boost morale if everything comes together.

The real kick in the balls comes when that end date keeps moving 1 or 2 weeks out for months on end…at that point the deadline ceases to be a “credible threat” and burnout and bitterness rise exponentially. This is also happens to be the point where management doesn’t want to halt the train for fears of further productivity losses. I could go on and on but you guys know the drill!

Oh, hell yes. Bad memories indeed.


Man, that video is just comedy gold.

more painful details for those of us that haven’t been through it.

“Hey gramps, what was it like in WW2 concentration camps again? I love hearing the stories!”

what, you don’t like me exploiting your pain for personal entertainment? What else is the internet for?