Gears of War Ultimate Edition


The fact that the little butch from epic backed down as soon as he heard it was pretty telling.


More like trying to emulate apple’s revenue stream and get a piece of that pie.


I picked this up on the Windows Store and I had kind of forgotten how good this game was, as the progenitor of all the cover based shooters. It got so much right!!

The remaster looks fuckin’ GOOD at 4k, too – but I can’t sustain anything close to 60fps when zoomed in even with a 980ti. I could dick with settings but 2440p or whatever works fine and feels awfully close to 60fps.

(1080p lol console peons)

Anyway kudos on the remaster, it’s worthy of the word for sure. Does not look at all like a 2005 eta ported Xbox 360 title.


I’ve been playing this on and off for the past few weeks as part of the Xbox Game Pass. I’m still not to the point I got to on the 360 and then later on the PC version, where I made it a little farther.

In those two versions, I thought progress was so slow because I chose to play on Hard. But this time I’m playing on the default difficulty, and progress is still slow. The difficulty hasn’t made much of a difference. I still have to die a lot and realize, oh, the game really does want me to flank that machine gun nest, not just shoot the guy, because killing him just means that someone else takes over at the turret. Things like that.

I’m also surprised that unlike the last two times I tried playing this game almost a decade ago, I never had problems with the controls, but there’s times now where I want Marcus to get into cover so I hit A, but he ends up being all janky and doing weird things, and I die almost instantly. In fact, lowering the difficulty hasn’t changed how quickly you get killed in this game. If the enemy has a shotgun, and you’re not in cover, you’re dead instantly.

Honestly, it feels exactly the same as the harder difficulty level.


Continuing through this, and this campaign continues to be a trainwreck, IMHO. There’s so many places where you’re railroaded into only playing a certain way. They just introduced the Boomers, for instance, and how did they introduce them? By putting them in a narrow hallway in front of you.

In Horde mode in Gears 2, these guys are so cool when mixed in with other enemies. Me and my friends always shouted “BOOMER” when we spotted one, and made them a priority to take out despite whoever else we were fighting. So to see them introduced in such an underwhelming way in Gears 1 just feels so wrong.


To be fair, it makes sense to introduce them in that way since we haven’t seen anything like that earlier in the game, and I remember dying to them a couple of times the first time I played it back in 2006.


I continue to push through the campaign, and continue to have a love-hate relationship with it.

I love that the choice of weapons you pick up is a really meaningful choice that completely changes how the game plays through any particular section.

I hate that it’s so hard to tell which areas are considered dark enough that you will be insta-killed by the darkness.

I love sniping, and the reload mechanic in this game.

I hate Dom’s AI so much. How can they stick you with an AI partner this dumb? He can’t even keep enemies off me while I’m sniping. He’s such a dumbass, good-for-nothing liability at all times.


bufffff I have a tremendous desire to play it. Number 1 on my wish list


I have to give them props for basically creating the hardest shooter I’ve ever played on Normal difficulty. And obviously that really worked out for them, since this game was a huge hit for Epic. So there’s an appetite for hard shooters.


Yesterday I got to some underground caves. It’s amazing to me that the movement in this area is kind of janky. I never expected that from a triple-A release.


I’ve enjoyed your notes/blogging as you go, though I must admit at times it’s felt as if we played two different games - I don’t remember having any difficulty or bugs when I played.


One thing I will say for this campaign: For years I only ever started over for one reason or another, so I was only familiar with the beginning of the game. So I thought the game was a bunch of “hide behind cover and take pot shots” type of game throughout.

But I have to give kudos to Epic that they realized that this would get boring pretty fast if that’s all you did. So the campaign really varies up the gameplay a lot. Sometimes the variety is terrible, like when I did this horrible vehicle section, but at least you’re always doing things that feel very different.


I loved the first GoW. My wife and I co-op’ed through it several times on escalating difficulties. She was amazingly proficient at tossing grenades into emergence holes like as they opened. I was awesome at charging like a lunatic into battle then writhing on the ground waiting for her to help me, and also winning the reload gun minigame (which would have been more useful if I wasn’t dead so much).

My biggest complaint remains the “Let me slow the eff down and put my fingers to my ear and talk to someone right after the game has autosaved but right before major combat so you’ll get to hear this conversation and suffer my tippy tappy slow walk like ten times in a row”. Halo 3 did the same shit with all the “Chief I’m in your brain” Cortana and Gravemind stuff.


The game is way more fun in co-op, too. But then I guess most games are.


Huh, I thought that too. Gears 2 really mixed things up all the time, but early Gears 1 just felt like a samey slog. I guess I should have kept going.


You guys are reminding me of the mine car section of the game, which is about as rage-quitty as I’ve ever gotten. I was playing with a friend and you’re supposed to ride the carts along while shooting enemies, and sometimes one would drop in your cart with you. But my friend just kept dying to this one section and we had to repeat it so many times and I’d never see why because I’m on my own in this cart and then suddenly GAME OVER, would you like to try again? And it was frustrating me and my friend was laughing because it was ridiculous and he was amused by my frustration and OH MY GOD it felt like we played that section for hours.

Anyway maybe games aren’t always more fun in co-op.


This game is so hard on Normal difficulty. Oh my god. I spent a good two hours or more today, trying to make progress. I did get through the one checkpoint I was stuck on, and the next one. But then I got a section that I repeated at least two dozen times. It’s the section where they introduce the sticky grenade bow. It’s a really powerful weapon, but they give it you, and at the same time you have to fight a half dozen enemies who are also using that same powerful weapon.

So if you get stuck with a sticky grenade from that bow? Boom, instant death. So you can be on a great run, be doing really well, kill a dozen enemies, and then BOOM, instant death.

Not that I’m saying this is a bad thing necessarily. I like challenging game. It’s just unexpected, because that’s not what I expect from a game when I pick normal difficulty.


Is it the “Look at all that juice!” level? I remember failing it a lot back in '06, but I didn’t have any issues in the ultimate edition. I guess it’s much easier when you have done it before (I think I played through the original game 3-4 times back in the day).


“They’re called Theron Guards”


I’ve listened to that line so many times now.

I got close about 5 or 6 times last night, but no cigar.