Gears Tactics - XCOM Gears of War

Too bad the Gears universe is stupid.

This seems like it could be pretty fun and interesting, though I’m not a Gears guy. I am a tactics guy, and this has some nice looking moments in the trailer. Too bad it comes out the same month as Cyberpunk 2077, but I’ll keep it on my radar.

Perfect Game Pass “what the hell” download.

Is there some Microsoft show on right now? Lot of announcements suddenly.

The Game Awards are on.

This reminds me that the Gears of War boardgame was actually well regarded as a good tactical squad control game.

This could be fun, I really liked the new XCOM games. Main bloke in the trailer sounds like Charles from Red Dead 2.

Well this is something, at least. Maybe the industry is capable of learning.

Looks interesting. But is it Xbox-only? Because it doesn’t look ‘lets buy me an Xbox’- interesting…

I thought I saw it would be for Windows Store and Steam. I don’t think MS makes games only for Xbox anymore.

Ah, ok, thanks. In that case, I will definitely see how this turns out!

Actually, this is kind of funny - the release date announced is only for PC. They haven’t said anything about Xbox except to acknowledge that it will be released there, eventually.

The “yes” at the end of that comment is in response to a question of whether Gears Tactics is coming to Xbox, in case you didn’t want to click through.

Yeah…so day 1 for me! LOL

Gears Tactics will be like Flight Simulator - PC first, then an Xbox version later.

Since Gears is so based around cover shooting, making it into a TB tactics game has a logic to it. Could be fun.

I got a notification from the PC Game Pass that this game is available for pre-install…is that a beta of the game I can play now, or it just wants to use up some precious SSD space for no reason?

…hurry, I’m really itching to hit that button…

It’s just a 20MB placeholder of some kind, nothing playable. April 28th for real deal I think.

Yeah, I was just shaking my head at that message. Why would I want to pre-install a game now that doesn’t come out for months?

I guess to show my interest in it? I didn’t know the placeholder was only 20MB. That’s not so bad I guess.

… alrighty?