Gee, I hope Bob's OK

He posted this at 8pm on Tuesday, and then we never heard from him again:

I’m hoping he didn’t do anything drastic, and is instead just sleeping off a 3-day bender…

I have a vision of him crying in a bathtub with a bottle of cheap scotch in one hand and a picture of George Allen in the other.

Even now, he’s stringing up more barbed wire around his compound…

He’s probably doing a Rush and blaming the candidates themselves for not being conservative enough! Bob doesn’t seem like the kind of guy bound for too much introspection or self-inflicted suffering.

Well? What have the DemocRATS done so far? NOTHING!

You guys are mean.

Yeah. We’re horrible.

Do you have a link to some context for that photo? I’m assuming it’s Iraq war casulties, but I’d like to read more about that specific demonstration.