Who saw that one coming?

Apparently one guy died from “blunt force trauma to the torso and positional asphyxia.” Now there’s a euphemism.

More examples of Feith-based initiatives within the DoD.

The real question is whether the Army and the Senate Armed Services Comittee (ASC) are going to admit/conclude the abuse is systemic, at which point maybe we can get purge the DoD of people like Rumsfeld, Cambone, and the odious Paul Wolfowitz.

It’s also very dependent on how quickly the Senate ASC moves on this, because it’s pretty clear the House would just like to see abuse scandals disappear and the Army investigations are going to take some time, becuase that’s the way the Army works. Election time is coming fast, and even though none of the members of the ASC are in threatened seats, many will be expected to help other campaigns heavily in this year’s races.