Geek Chic, the folks that make those badass gaming tables? - They're done.

I guess some people with pending orders may get boned out of their deposits.

I know @Galadin had been looking at one, and I thought someone ordered one recently. Hopefully they got anything they had ordered.

I always thought they priced themselves out of the market with how EXPENSIVE (and niche) their tables were.

Wow, we were waiting until my wife got employed. So we are lucky here but they seemed like they were fine at the last PAX East, even invited us to the factory.

Guess we need to find another solution.

They were always a big draw at cons, but mostly everyone’s reaction was the same when they got a load of the prices. A “Whew!” and a headshake. They were nice, like really darned nice, but $1300+ for a gaming table was out of reach for most people. Add a long-ass waiting list to that, and you get good case for not buying one.

Take a look at this table:

Looks really cool because it can act as a dining table with a game still set up beneath it:

Hard to compete with scrap plywood and a tablecloth.

If they had a long waiting list of people willing to pay a deposit, it seems clear that the problem wasn’t lack of demand or too high prices.

There is also an American equivalent, probably less expensive:

Both of these tables have an overlay. So you can start a game, cover it up with the overlay, eat dinner, then remove the overlay and the game will still be there. Which I guess is helpful if you’re short on tablespace but want to play some monster boardgame.

What the heck is a ‘gaming table’?

/sees photos.

I guess chic doesn’t equal classy.

Personally, when I’ll be a grownup, I want one of those automated mahjong tables.
… I may need to find the 3 other players first.

I will say that investing in a gaming pad is really helpful when dealing with cards. You can grab cards so much easier and it is a lot cheaper than a specialized table. And they roll up for easy storage!

We are looking for a dining table that can be used for gaming. The big requirement is that the game can be setup over multiple days and with cats. That is the big reason we were looking for one of these gaming tables specifically. The ability to set up a game of Firefly or Star Wars Rebellion, play some, put the top back on, and then come back and play more the next time is really appealing.

I did have a Quiver mat for our old dining room table, and if we have to go that route, it does work fine. The problem is that our cats LOVE the mats for purposes of rolling and leaving their cat hair all over it.

I have a Quiver pad too with the Steampunk art. Looks great! Even my bride loves it and I can leave it on the table as decoration.

Sounded like they were trying to branch out from tables into boardgame publishing and that tanked the company.

In my day the floor would do just fine. If we were lucky, maybe a card table in the basement.

That’s really sad to hear. Working with them to design and deliver/setup my table was a pleasure, and I wish they all land on their feet soon.

As many have said, prices are on the high side, and I don’t think there’s many repeat purchases from customers, so you’re always looking for new ones. The 2 companies the article listed both had dining tables starting around $1200+, so the pricing seems to be similar in the industry.

I was lucky - ordered in 2010, got it in 2011, about 8 months later. It’s a wonderful table that I don’t regret at all - beautiful dining room table with the added bonus of the drawers, cup holders, and the drop-down playing area. The surface is large enough for board and card games, even the massive ones from FFG with a gazillion components. Seats 6 with plenty of room for all, or can squeeze in 10 with little problem.

Sucks for the people that have paid deposits.

The opportunist in me wonders if there might be a liquidation sale, possibly by a creditor.

From various comments, it sounds like many of them will be asking their credit card company for a chargeback. Hopefully they will get it.

Is there not some sort of time limit on that?