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Girls of Comic-Con 2005

That Tank Girl costume was awesome.

I hate how they lump booth babes together with costumed fans. There’s a huge difference between women (who just happen to be hot) dressed up as their favorite characters for fun…and rented-for-the-day models who know nothing about comics, smiling and handing out swag.

Interesting. Who was the dancing girl supposed to be?

That was kind of fun. The interviewer was decent at getting her subjects to be saucy.

I wonder if there’s a non-streaming version of this online somewhere.

Yeah, even at high speed, its very blurry.

Anyway, I got to get my wife a tank girl outfit…and perhaps cat woman as well.

“How about these comic guys, do you like them?”

“I like them because they are too scared to hit on me!”

That was basically her reasoning. I see her point.

leia is smoking hot.