Geek Squad in-home networking holiday special

  1. How many of the Geek Squad are actually women? Because that one of the website is quite tasty.

  2. Do you actually get a badge and do you have to flash it when the customer opens the door?

“I, uh, want erm, one of your, er, female, ha ha, operatives to come and clean my keyboard.”

My solution to that particular problem was a simple domain registration and a batch of business cards. Now, whenever relatives hit me up for tech support, I whip out my invoice book and make a few bucks. Of course, they get the friends/family discount. :wink:

Trust Whitta to go for the geek girl before all else. You’ll see that particular agent (Chandra) used often in Geek Squad advertisements and Sunday flyers from Best Buy.

As for female Agents, sadly their numbers are still typical for the IT support world. Our store has 2 out of 13 Geek Squad Agents, but we’re probably higher than the average.

As for badges, only the Double Agents, which are the Agents who drive the Geekmobiles and do in-home work, get badges due to the expense of custom casting the metal badges with their names and Agent number stamped on them.

Badges? You don’t need no stinking badges.


That’s a pretty novel solution. I think I’d feel too bad to charge them, though. My family is, of course, blood, and my girlfriend’s family have been extremely good to me (soooooooo lucky, I know).

However, maybe I could get the friends they refer to me to pony up the big bucks. Hmm…

Okay, one more: do you really have to wear the trousers that are too short in order to expose the white socks?