Geektastic webcomic

Some real gems there. Some that make me go ‘awww’, some that make me crack up uncontrollably.

Of course, I have a strange sense of humor, but some of you folks might get a kick out of it.


THis keeps up the QT3 tradition of webcomic linking. Congratulations.

They’re not bad - geektastic is correct though.

God I hate xkcd.

yes but what happens when Penny Arcade and XKCD CROSSOVER?!

art happens. art.

Wow. It’s like The Parking Lot Is Full, but even less so.

I started to summon hellfire and damnation unto this blasphemy but after reading all of them, I think I know what you mean. It’s really pretty good.

Web comics are hard to execute effectively. Take it from someone who’s tried.

The only webcomics I read anymore are wtfcomics, which is a pretty good everquest-based serial comic, and turn signals on a land raider, which is pure warhammer geek humor. wtf is pretty good, but it’s not updated very often. You’d really have to be a warhammer nerd to understand most of what’s on tsoalr.

Or, you know, just read 99% of the ones in existence.

xkcd is pretty consistent, I find. Every once in a while he comes up with something brilliant. This one happens to nicely sum up my reaction to Borat:

Edit: Oh, and this one is awesome.

As shown in this quote, KONY really is the perfect storm of myopic stupidity and naive arrogance, isn’t he?

Parking lot is full? Genius. This crap?

Some great geek hits on XKCD.

And I really like this one:


Man, every time this happens, nobody remembers to link to Dinosaur Comics.

I hate webcomics… well, I’m sorta amused by Red Meat. I wish it wasn’t webcomic, so I could just hate them all.

(oh, it’s published in a university newspaper, so it’s not really a crappy webcomic after all. Good)