GeForce price drop?

When the new GeForce board comes out, will there be a signicant drop in the price of GeForce 4’s? Thanks.

I’m actually not sure it will. The GeForce FX cards look to all be priced above $399. The GF4s are all priced well below that already. The GF3s never got as cheap as they should have, if you ask me. I don’t think you’ll see the bottom drop out on the GF4s either, nVidia likes to have the entire price spectrum covered. 4200s can’t get much lower without infringing on the GF4 MX territory.

But who cares. I’m getting me a 128MB Radeon 9500 for $160 and hacking it into a 9700.

I’m with Brad. This was my strategy when I was getting my GF3 Ti. I waited for the GF4’s to come out, and then waited for the price on the 3’s to drop.

And waited.

And waited.

And finally just went out and bought a 3. The prices really didn’t change that much.