Geico's "money with eyeballs" campaign

Seems like Geico has crapped out creatively. From the eyeball money commercials to their stupid motorcycle insurance ones… it seems like the golden age of Geico advertising has gone into the toilet.

Sometimes the argument is made that anything that grabs your attention and hits a nerve is good… but honestly I don’t want to do business with a company who’s commercials creep me out and are that lame.

I mean, they paid tens of millions of dollars for some ad agency to come up with that turd. My 4-year old cat could have come up with a better commercial.

Yeah, that one was a real pooper.

It’s funny because there’s no effort involved. That’s the whole point with the money-eyes combo, to make it look like they phoned it in. The one with the roofers is awesome.

My current favorite (though not an money-eye commercial) is the Mrs. Butterworth one.

But man, the only thing I really like about those commercials is that song. It gets stuck in my head, for the 2-3 quick bars that you hear. What is it? (quick google search later)

Good god. Geico knows what they’ve got.

With a free music download of the full song.

yeah, i’m with nixon. it isn’t my favorite geico commercial, but it made me chuckle looking at that money w/ googly eyes simply because it was so absurd.

the full version of that song isn’t bad either

It cuts down on their production expenses quite a bit; there’s no CG gecko to render.

They do it because it makes people post about the commercials on the internet.

Look - That’s the money you just saved Geico on car insurance commercials!

Yup. That said, they suck badly.

For a moment I thought it was some oblique, sardonic reference to the animated eSurance campaign.

Then I realized that was waaaay too convoluted.

Midnight Son

Yup. That said, they suck badly.

You are both crazy. I love those ads. Mostly because they’re absurd and because I love the remix of Somebody’s Watching Me. I like them better than the Gecko ads (though less than the caveman ads).

That song is pretty slick.

Original was better!

Err, now look away while I surreptitiously download the remix.

I’ve never seen the money commercials while actually watching TV, but I’ve seen them all the time in restaurants and bars where I can’t hear what’s going on. It grabs my attention every time though, because it reminds me of Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Anyone else?

I’ll be the judge of that.

They have a shitload of big ad campaigns. They must be using leaf blowers to keep all their money on their own property.

Rockwell’s “Somebody’s watching me” was like one of my all time favorite 80s songs. Background vocals by Michael Jackson. Great video too.

Regarding the commercials. Geico has always had a “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” mentality when it comes to ads. It’s not like the caveman ads were expensive either, but they’re all just a little odd and often memorable.

But I would think the TV time would be. As much as we have all seen them numerous times, all of these campaigns are all over the TV. Caveman, Gecko, celebrity ones, the new one, and I think there was wanother ad campaign.

How could you forget the Tiny House commerical??

TV advertising isn’t that expensive right now with so many companies pinching pennies to stay afloat.

I think that the googly-eyed money ads are pretty hilarious. And the fact that we’re talking about it right now shows that they’re effective in keeping the brand top-of-mind, if nothing else.

<------ advertising/PR guy

YOU’RE to blame for this shit!

Also, get the goddamn “5 dollar foot looooooong” song out of mah head!